Wendy´s Chicken

Wendy has a pet chicken. She is so proud of that chicken and loves to show her chicken off. Wendy and her chicken live in a rough part of Quito, Ecuador. Their neighborhood is filled with gangs, drugs, violence, wild dogs (seriously) and crime. At night, Wendy´s mother prays for safety because their tiny cinderblock home can not keep the bad guys out. It is only by God´s provision that this family of five and Wendy´s chicken will be safe. Without a father in the home, they could easily be taken advantage of.

As we complimented Wendy´s chicken, she would grin ear to ear with her toothless smile. This 9 year old girl was obviously in love with this chicken, who she fondly named ¨This Little Chicken¨.

Wendy is a real child that I met today. She likes pets (especially chickens), she likes dolls and she is beautiful. I wish I could post her picture but you will just have to wait until I get back to the states. What struck me today was that Wendy is waiting for a sponsor. Everyday she hopes and prays for a person to choose her. She is currently attending the Compassion project, but she is one of those kids that does not have that special person that sponsors her. As the other kids receive letters, Wendy patiently waits. So tonight she is at home with her four siblings, her mother and That Little Chicken. Hopefully another day won´t go by without a sponsor for Wendy. It kills me to see a kid waiting on one of us to love her like this. My prayer is that wherever Wendy´s packet is right now, someone is picking it up.

3 Comments on “Wendy´s Chicken

  1. Hi Paula,
    Thanks for looking her up. I am going to see if I can find out where her packet is. It might be in a partner country. Also, thanks for your prayers. The trip was truly amazing and had a great for me spiritually.

  2. Oh I pray for this precious little girl and for the person who is looking at her packet right now! and for the safety of her family, in such a crime ridden area, without a father in the home to protect them…our Heavenly Father can and will, I pray.

  3. I went to find her but couldn’t. Maybe someone already grabbed that precious child. I’ll go find another.

    Thank you for sharing on this blog. I wish I could sit down over a cup of coffee and share with you but that’s not possible, so I will just tell you that you have blessed me!

    Praying over your time in Ecuador,

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