Investments that won’t fail – Seriously!

There is the stock market, bonds, commodities, dividends, mutual funds, 401K’s, high risk, low risk, long term and short-term investments. How do you make wise investments?

Well… I really don’t know… however, I do know an amazing investment that won’t go bad.

It’s so good that you will be rich, yes, I said rich!  I promise!

The other day, I was listening to a woman from our local library give a presentation. She shared a story about visiting the prison. She went to the prison to speak to inmates about the importance of reading to their children and to help them put together a little library for when their children come to visit.  She asked the inmates how many were read to as children.  Only one man could remember anyone reading to him.  “Curious George” was the book.

(In 1999, studies show that only 53% of children between the ages of 3 -5 were read to by their parents.)

She proceeded to say that out of all the toys in the world, the greatest toy for a child is YOU.

The greatest investment you can make is investing into your child’s heart!

After I listened to her, I was moved and inspired to share.  I have learned a lot by working in the early learning community here in Vancouver for SELF, and I have learned a lot by being a parent.  My kids are not perfect, and I am not a perfect parent, but I am amazed at what precious girls they are and how rich they make our lives.

Here are a few of my investment tips.  Take them or leave them!

How to invest so that your children will not grow up and be a bad poopy person (this is what my kids called mean people when they were little).

Well…. I can’t promise that your kids won’t get in trouble.  Even good people make mistakes. I discovered this after working with a street ministry for six years.  However, there are some ways to help your kids have the best possible chance to succeed!

Investment Tip #1 – Give YOU to your children

Play with your kids, read to your kids, hug them like crazy and tell them funny stories!  When my kids were little, I use to tell them crazy stories about two mice named Freddy and Christy.  These mice got in all sorts of mischief.  They lived in our house and they could talk. Julia, Grace and Isabel were always in the story too.

Freddy liked chocolate and Christy was always dealing with mischievous Freddy.  Inevitably, Freddy would end up at the doctor’s office for overeating chocolate and Nurse Helga had to give a shot to Freddy for an allergic reaction to the chocolate (in his behind). Sometimes Freddy had gas…ok…  lets just say I am not going to be invited to write children storybooks in the near future, but my kid’s thought this was so funny and they would laugh and laugh! I love to please a crowd. My kids would make me tell them a story every night (sometimes two stories).  My brain exploded coming up with creative plots for Freddy and Christy.

Your time, your energy, your creativity and your heart are so valuable to your children.

Investment Tip #2 – Turn off the TV and the computer

There are many TV based reading and educational programs, but studies continue to prove that human contact is the best for kids.  YOU are the best! While the TV can be a blessing to a tired mother and father, don’t let it to become your replacement!   Make sure you do your research before you buy TV or computer based reading programs. Think LONG TERM INVESTMENT. Give them you and your time.

Free tip -Your house doesn’t need to be perfect in replacement for time with your babies!

Investment Tip #3 – Long term investment -Help your kids be GOOD not necessarily happy.

When my kids were little I did not enjoy the times they were cranky. My darling Julia was strong in her ways. She was very smart and creative, funny and opinionated. If she didn’t get her way, everyone knew it. She was that kid that laid down in Costco screaming at the top of her lungs.  She was that kid in the church nursery that bit the other children.  She was also the one who learned to speak and read very early. We had some good wars.  I learned early on that boundaries were good.  Had I tried to make Julia happy, she would be a different person today.   Julia is an amazing person, strong in her faith and a wonderful daughter. I am glad I had a lot of support and coaching to get me through her strong will in her early days.

Investment Tip #4 – Invest in your marriage

Do what it takes to keep it together.  Put your spouse before your kids.  Make your spouse feel special, romanced and loved.  This relationship means the world to your kids!  I see new moms pour hours of energy into their babies.  Yes, this is necessary…but don’t forget about your partner.  Keep the lovin’ alive!  Keep the dates going,  and take weekends away.  Get friends or relatives to watch your kids.  Your kids need to be around other trusted adults and they need you and your spouse to be in love!

Ok…what are some of your best investment tips?

Stay tuned for more investment tips.  Next week lets talk about investing so that your kids will have a strong faith.

3 Comments on “Investments that won’t fail – Seriously!

  1. I’m finding the biggest investment for me is to make sure I spend time with God each day – in his Word and in prayer. In addition to doing this alone, I am trying to invite my kids to join me throughout the day.

  2. I’m still in the thick of it. But some things I have done are:

    * Make sure my children know that my love is independent of thier behavior. I will always love THEM. Maybe not the way they act or the choices they make, but it won’t diminish my love for who they are.

    * God first, Daddy second, then kids. Just the way it is.

    * Life is not fair. If it was, then *we* would not have half the nice things we do. Choose to be grateful.

    * The glass is half full…(we are still working on this one!)

    Looking forward to the next post!!

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