Five­ Things I Learned About My Marriage on our Epic Journey

We are back home in the Northwest getting ready for our next adventure. DSC_7196Tonight, Steve, Grace, Isabel and myself will be getting on a tour bus to go out with the Rock and Worship Roadshow for their next couple of days. Steve will be on the road with the tour until it ends, so he wanted us to come with him for a couple of days so we could have some time together. One of the buses had a few extra bunks available, so this worked out perfectly. My girls will get to know what it’s like to live like a rock star. Haha!

Later this week I head to Peru for a couple of days, while Steve stays with the Roadshow; it’s a crazy season for us as a family. After that, things settle down.

Before we jump completely back into the chaos of life, I wanted to stop and reflect on what a beautiful journey God aloud Steve and I to do over the last couple of weeks. Steve said our epic trip was about us getting ready to be empty nesters soon, and jump into our next phase of life.DSC_6944

We loved our time together; we ate amazing food…  DSC_7201

…we even tried pigeon one night.

We explored cities and villages and got lost a few times. DSC_6912 We once, while Steve was driving and I was navigating, ended up on a single lane cobblestone road, in a small town, going around twists and turns, so narrow, we thought our car might get stuck between two ancient buildings. We were trying to get to this castle.DSC_6985It was a bit of a stressful moment. Steve was driving, and my map reading issues got us in this spot. Once we made it through the tight, narrow streets, Steve pulled over and let me drive the rest of the way.

Things We Learned on our Epic Journey

  1. We still like each other. I believe you can totally love someone and not really like him or her. For example, when you have teenagers and they are going through puberty, you may still love them, but there are times you might not like them. In marriage, it can be the same way. There may be times you still love your spouse, but possibly times, you don’t much like your spouse. Well, in the case of spending 12 days straight with Steve, and spending every single moment together, we truly had fun together. It was romantic beyond, and it gave me a renewed confidence that our marriage is worth the effort during those times we squabble and might not like each other.DSC_7162
  2. We are not perfect. We still have our squabbles and it’s important to talk them through. I realized on this trip it’s hard for me to admit when I am feeling anxious or nervous. Sometimes, this affects Steve because I try to hide my anxiety. This doesn’t translate very well, and I only end up becoming a neurotic wife. On the flip side, Steve is learning patience. When I got us lost, in the middle of cobblestone streets, so narrow that our car was about to get stuck, he was surprising calm and didn’t criticize my map reading skills, (though I could tell he wasn’t very happy about the situation). DSC_7275 (1)
  3. I am still learning, that I need to be quiet and listen more often. It’s easy for me to talk, and Steve will keep letting me talk, but then I miss important stories that he may have. (Stephen, I really do want to hear that rabbit story one day).
  4. Steve learned that I respond to romance. It’s funny how years of marriage can slowly dry out the small romantic gestures, even if the marriage has a healthy sex life. On this trip, Steve went out of his way to make me feel like his beautiful queen. Many times a day he would remind me that I was gorgeous, and made me feel beautiful inside and out. He was entertained by my humor (still smiling at my silliness) and tolerated my need to shop. He bought me nice gifts, he called ahead to the hotels and told them it was our honeymoon to make sure the rooms were perfect, took me on a carriage ride and several picnics. We read the book “Unbroken” together (amazing book), he held my hand, he wrapped me up in his arms, and at night, when I would have trouble sleeping, he would snuggle me close, kiss me a lot and rub my back. Better than diamonds, my husband honored me in a way that made this 49-year-old woman feel like 30 again. And yeah…we had fun having our honeymoon again too, which I won’t discuss on a blog.DSC_7202
  5. Most important, we learned we are totally in love. Through the test of time, the trials, the raising of kids, the challenges of life, the dishes, laundry, emotions and chaos, the most important thing we learned on this journey, is that we truly have a deep deep love for each other. This makes life so much better. And with all my heart, I can say, I am beyond grateful to my gracious Lord, for giving me the perfect man to spend my life with. There are times, sin challenges our marriage, and when two imperfect people try and live together, our sins can often overpower and dominate the will to make it work. But I am convinced that love, the kind that Christ demonstrated on the cross through His sacrifice, is the ultimate example of how we are to love in order to have a lasting marriage. DSC_7232 (1)DSC_7234DSC_7239

4 Comments on “Five­ Things I Learned About My Marriage on our Epic Journey

  1. I’m so glad you had a good trip. Your trip made me desperate for a week away with my husband – after 10 years of parenting, I want more than a night away, just the two of us. Maybe next year to celebrate our 20th we can go on another honeymoon.

  2. I just love reading your posts. You two are such a great example for a woman who has loved and lost and still has a tiny little space in her heart that believes someday there might be a chance for love and a Godly marriage. Thanks for that!

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