Ok people, who wants to go to Kenya?

I work in our Tours and Visits for Compassion International, and people always ask me, where my favorite place is.

That is a tough question. I like different places around the world for various reasons. Truly, I have been to some spectacular places, but tonight, I am just going to share why you should put Kenya on your life time bucket list.

Here we go.

1. Baby Elephants. Who doesn’t love baby elephants? Going to the Elephant Orphanage is an amazing experience. And if you don’t love baby elephants, we can’t be friends. Parents, read this story to your kids about orphaned elephants.

2. The Giraffe Center. Who doesn’t love giraffes and having a giraffe lick your face? 3. The fabulous food. Kenya has some incredible restaurants for foodies and incredible people who love to share their food.

4. Great hotel options.  There are places like the Windsor Golf Resort, to cute little inns in Karen (on the outskirts of Nairobi).

5. The Rift Valley. The longest valley in the world. To see this place, is to see the best of creation. 6. Safari. Safari is like heaven on earth depending on the company you use (make sure you check out the safari camp and their reputation). Again, you will pay a pretty penny, but no zoo in the world will compare to seeing animals in the wild. If you need some recommendations, let me know.But you really can’t see the best of Kenya, if you don’t get to know the people.

Sure, you can go on some tour, and meet those in the tourist industry. Yes, you will find the hospitality to be world class.

However, only if you go and dive into the lives of “real” people and culture, will you discover the richest part of the experience of Kenya.

7. The “real” people.

8. The weather is another reason to go. It’s perfect.

9. I have never met anyone who came to Africa, that wasn’t deeply impacted by the experience. If you have been to Africa, please leave a comment and share why it was meaningful.

10. To meet your sponsored child. This is the very best part of Kenya. I am so serious here. You will not regret the experience of sponsoring a Kenyan child from Compassion International.

(The little boy in the picture, isn’t my sponsored child, but he wanted to be in the picture.)

Now, I know some of you out there are saying, “How can I ever afford to go to Kenya?”

My husband and I saved for several years to get our kids to Kenya. We put money aside every month. We prayed and asked God to help us, if this was His will. Our kids did fundraisers (which was uncomfortable, but very good for them), and they wrote letters for support.

Back in 2009, when we first went to Kenya, we did a limited fast with our family, ate chicken and rice for dinner for almost two months, and simplified our lives to teach our kids simplicity, and how other people live around the world. We did everything we could to save. We finally were able to get enough to go, just in time for the trip.

Why spend the money to go to a foreign place, instead of send the money to those in need?

So, this is a question I get all the time, working in our tours and visits area. So here I go.

  1. Because, sometimes our soul needs to see it to believe it. And the impact of a trip can cause a lifetime of impact of giving.
  2. Because, we might be that child’s prayer.
  3. Because, its truly good to have a world view.
  4. Your giving will increase because of your world view.
  5. You will not regret the decision.
  6. You will discover how God is working in other parts of the world.

Here is my best advice today if you want to go on a trip with Compassion.

First, sponsor a child. If you are a parent, get your kids involved.

Second, write letters, and develop a relationship with that sponsored child.

Third, start saving for a trip. It might take a few years, but make it a part of your budget. It’s so good to have a good goal.

Then go to this website, and wait for the right trip to come along for you. Group trips with Compassion

Finally, don’t let your worldly fear keep you from experiencing something God may want to use to change your life forever.Here is the next Kenya trip. https: Go to Kenya and meet your child

That’s all I got tonight. From Kenya, signing off.

A picture to warm your heart.


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