Female Friday: The Race

Track meet#2

I said “run like the wind and don’t look back”, and so she did.  It was the biggest race of the year and Isabel had the final leg of the 4th grade girl’s 400 meter relay.  As she ran, I could see full determination on her face.  Nothing would stop her from crossing that finish line.  Nothing…. Her team counted on her to take it home, and as the baton was passed gently into her hand, the sweat dripped from her brow and her legs burned with the pulsation of nerves mixed with adrenaline. It was up to Isabel to carry it to the finish line.  

 Track meet #3

With great satisfaction, Isabel crossed the finish line.  Not first, not second, but sixth.  It was nothing short of victory because in this race, there were no losers.  As the ribbons were distributed, the smiles said it all and everyone was happy. 

 Track meet #4

It was a great race.

Can I just say, I wish all of life was like this race?  I wish we could all be as happy just to cross the finish line.  Who cares who won? The greatest lessons in life I learn from my kids.  Humility, determination, team work and love for one another. 

Stephen, sorry you had to travel today and miss this.

4 Comments on “Female Friday: The Race

  1. Great post, Patricia! What you write here is so true.

    And I love the photos of Isabel – you have an amazing eye for composition AND a wonderful daughter!

  2. Isn’t that the truth!!Lesson learned….lesson number 12758 by Isabelle Jones 🙂

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