How to Lose Money and be OK

We have learned to lose money.  We don’t flush it down the toilet but find investments that will slowly suck away all hopes of providing help toward our children’s college education. Some people have a knack for investments, making money and blessing others with their riches.  We however, are very good at buying high and selling low.  We have a long history of this type of investing.  Usually its small amounts of money, but a couple of years ago we had this hair-brained idea.  With only 7 years left to pay off our mortgage, we had a lot of equity in our home.  We decided to take all the equity and buy some land to develop.  This high risk investment turned out to be the thorn in our flesh.  We now owe more on this land then it is worth.  Goodbye home equity.


It’s hard losing money but it’s certainly not the worst thing you can lose.   I’d rather lose money than lose a job, a child, or my limbs.  Stephen still has a job.  A great job too and our kids are all healthy, and we all have our limbs (except Stephen is missing part of a finger). Half our church is unemployed right now, usually only about 1/3 are unemployed.  We did a survey at church a couple of Sunday’s ago and of the 80 children that showed up to church only 22 had eaten any breakfast (3 were my children).   Our family is pretty lucky.  It’s a bummer our investment tanked, but it’s taught me a good lesson on how to lose money and be ok.          


fun-shots-092       Steve’s hand with the missing finger.

One Comment on “How to Lose Money and be OK

  1. What a glorious way to kick-off a blog! Endearing vulnerability, recognition of inappropriate motivations followed closely by acknowledgment of true financial, spiritual and physical (ouch!) condition, and total “I am right where you are”-itis. For neophytes, you got this communication thing down.

    I am excited to have the chance to discover additional travelers on this journey. Welcome!

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