7 Days and Counting…


It’s been 2 years of saving money.  It’s been the topic at many dinners and it’s been months of getting excited.  We are counting down the final 7 days for when our family leaves for Kenya.  For the next 3 weeks our blog will be focused on our trip so that our friends, teachers and family can follow us on our journey.  To help you all know us better we came up with what African animals best describe our personalities.


Ok… then I had fun in Photoshop.


My family argued over my animal.  They told me I was a wart hog at first.  Eeek then I was a bird, but they settled on a meerkat.  Ok, that’s fine.  I was hoping for leopard but apparently I am not that cool.
























For those of you who know Stephen, you will agree to this choice of animal.  He is bold, confident and the leader of the pride.  



 We decided that Julia is an elephant for several reasons.  First, she has a bold personality.  She can be very nice but she can charge without any warning.  Also, she walks similar to an elephant around the house.



Grace is the gazelle.  She flutters around quickly and moves from one thing to another.  She is graceful, beautiful to watch, athletic but also vulnerable to prey.



Isabel is our giraffe.  She is tall and skinny, kind and noticeable.



One Comment on “7 Days and Counting…

  1. Your description is “right on” with Grace….with all the children but especially her. She is a special child for sure. Grace’s sweet spirit reminds me of my own little Mariah.

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