3 days until Africa and here is the scoop!

What a weekend!  After the big birthday bash for my Julia, we started preparing for our trip to Africa.  All day Saturday I was emotional thinking about God’s blessing on my family and the opportunity to bring my children to meet the poorest in the world.  They will certainly understand Jesus much more after this trip, and thus, it makes me cry.


This weekend was a blast.  We shopped for kids in Africa.  My youngest, Isabel, took half of what she has saved and bought toys for kids.  Watching her carefully pick out toys, and looking for bargains to maximize her spending brought tears to my eyes.  She had a lot of fun and seemed so joyful.  It’s a wonderful blessing as a parent to see generosity pour out of this child.  This particular child has the gift of hospitality and she loves to give to others.


Sunday rolled around and once again I found myself wrecked emotionally.  While at our poor, drug addict, ex-con, homeless and unemployed church, they took a special offering by surprise for my family for our trip after they prayed for us.  It was a humbling experience and I can’t even express what this felt like.  Most of the people in our church can’t even afford to drive to the beach (1 hour away) let alone go to Africa.  To have this crowd give money to us is overwhelming.  Our pastor viewed this as an opportunity for our congregation to share in the experience.  I watched them put their money in the baskets and I just cried.  I guess it was another glimpse of Heaven for me.  It was gifts I felt we didn’t deserve!

One Comment on “3 days until Africa and here is the scoop!

  1. amazing. i’m so thrilled for you and your family that you get to take this journey together, that your church is so 100% behind you and wants to give unselfishly towards this experience, that NYC is just a blip on the screen of what you are anticipating on this trip, that your baby-girls will be loving other kids across the globe out of the abundance of love they’ve been shown by their amazing parents and a GREAT God. thanks for your sharing your heart journey through your blog, steve. it was awesome to read. i’m praying for you all.

    with much love,

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