National Geographic Day

We are all exhausted! We had the most amazing day. I think we are going to call this our National Geographic day. We drove 3+ hours to go out to a remote Maasai village (the real kind, not the ones they make for the tourists). Gazelles, baboons and zebras along the road that required us all to take Landcruisers to get there. Absolutely incredible experience! We are too tired to write any more, but let these pictures tell the story until we have time to articulate the emotions. By the way, today we visited a child’s home.  There were 20 kids in the family, three wives and one husband. Hello!?


5 Comments on “National Geographic Day

  1. Stephen and Patricia,
    Your mother put me on to this web site. You seem to have a great life over there.
    I have been coresponding with Hamsi a dancer from Navasha for several years. Are you near there? It would be nice if you could meet him and his family. He entertains at the Lake Navasha Lodge just above the hippo reserve.
    When I toured Kenya I read a dozen or so books about the area. You would enjoy reading The Lunatic Express about the building of the railroad through Kenya at the end of the 19th century. It is a facinating read.

  2. Steve and family: We just had our speaker team meeting and we prayed for you guys. Stories and picturesare great. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Dear ones,
    The pictures tell a story. Julia, Your writing yesterday made me feel that I was there – Thank you. I send hugs, kisses and prayers. God Bless You, G. Sandra

  4. amazing pics you guys!!
    keep ’em coming. thanks for the updates!

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