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100_0577Squatty Potty – picture by Juliadsc_0316csc_0015I know that Kenya has impacted my kids because my kids felt guilty today for the first time in their lives when they went to buy a game for Wii (Wii Fit).  They all had some money leftover from Africa and pitched in for the game, but tonight at dinner each of them shared their guilt feelings. Ok, as a parent, I have to admit I found this comforting. 

On our trip, Brad Barker, one of the trip leaders, had said that it is good to come up with a 30 second blip to share with family and friends regarding the trip.  This way when people ask the question, “How was the trip?” We can reply with more than the response, “good.”  After my girls confessed their guilt feelings, we asked them to write down their 30 second blip about the trip so when they go to school tomorrow, they would be prepared to share.  Here are the unedited versions of my girls 30 second blip. 

By Isabel

Africa changed me life!  I feel like I saw what God was trying to show me!  The kids made me cry both ways, happy and sad.  I cried when I saw where they lived. It made me feel like I needed to help because I have a jinormous house to them and they have a puney house to me. And the other way I cried was when I saw their big smiles when we arrived even when they are going threw really tough times like the drought. 


The next time I hear someone say they are poor, but they have a roof over their head, I’m going to be pist!!!


By Grace

Grace refused to blog.  She said she was too tired but told me what to write for her 30 second blip.


“We complain a lot that things are not good enough.  Sometimes we complain that our house is not big enough or that we want better stuff.  Kids in Kenya appreciate even the smallest stuff like soap, hairclips, bubbles and ugly shirts.  I feel like a spoiled brat sometimes.”


By Julia

This trip has been eye opening for me. It really brought me back down to earth and out of the stereotype American way of living. This trip really showed me the little things we take for granted, not like our house, but stuff like having running clean water, and decent shoes. We don’t really appreciate what we have until we’ve seen someone deprived of it.


2 Comments on “30 seconds

  1. Been lurking for a while now & reading your posts from your trip.

    Am glad that the girls got to go and experience another side of life that one rarely sees in the comfort of their own home. It’s good to have these kind of guilt too, it keeps reminding us to never forget and take for granted what the good Lord has given us. And to never forget the kids in other countries who have less material stuff, but bigger hearts than we can fathom.

    Reminds me of the time I went to Myanmar as a kid… and for the first time, I quit complaining that I didn’t have my own room.

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