Should I be jealous?

Should I be jealous?

One of my dreams in life has been a trip to Italy with my husband.  Imagine the art, the food, the beauty.  It always has sounded romantic. We have definitely done some amazing trips (cashing in on frequent flyer miles), but never to Italy.  I have tried to convince him for years to do a trip to Italy.  Last year I ended up cashing in frequent flyer miles and going to Italy with my mom and sister because my husband didn’t want to go.  What’s up with that?


So the other day my husband let me know that he was booking a trip to Spain and Italy in June. Perfect, I thought.  That is a beautiful time for a trip to southern Europe.  What a lovely surprise for my birthday right?  Oh wait a second… this is a work trip for some big concerts to get kids sponsored and to help the Compassion partners in Europe.  Sure it is…  That means I am not going.  So, who is going with my husband on this grand experience?  Of course, he is going on this trip with Spence Smith.  Humm… I am getting suspicious now.  I know that Spence works on the music team with Compassion and sure… this is the job, but I would like to point out some of the best dates my husband has had in life has been with Spence.  There was Ireland, England, New Zealand, Peru, El Salvador and Australia.  What about me guys?  I am the wife.  I will volunteer myself for this trip; you don’t even have to pay me to go.  My husband has assured me all he will see is a concert venue but come on!  I told him that I could just come along for moral support.  I could be valuable on this trip. 


Ok I will get over it but I expect two things.  First, you best be getting a ton of kids sponsored.  I will be checking out the sponsorship reports.  Second, I expect a gift.  A nice gift too.  Spence, don’t think you are off the hook, you and Stephen need to do a little shopping for me.      

3 Comments on “Should I be jealous?

  1. I know what you mean — but still, your feelings are legitimate. I would really struggle with a spouse traveling like that with his job. Our son is an airline pilot (or was, until he was laid off) — and he could go anywhere he wanted for free! We actually had flying privileges, too, but never much time to use them. Your opportunities to travel more as a couple will come for sure, and most things like that are worth the wait. And God’s timing. I believe Steve, too, that they don’t see much other than the venue! Surely they could take in one or two sidewalk cafes?

  2. I can’t complain too much as I have traveled a lot! Julie, thanks for you comment. God’s timing is great! It is a true blessing to be able to visit our sponsored children.

  3. I understand your feelings (although I’m guessing your words are more in jest than serious, having just returned from Africa). In our early years of marriage, it seemed like everyone else went on exotic trips but me–my sister went on a cruise on the Rhine River while I stayed at home taking pop cans to the recycling center so I could at least have a little change to have lunch with my kids at the grade school. One day I finally “buried” my list of wants, literally, in the mountains. On that list was the desire to travel. It took a few years for my dreams to be realized, but I honestly think I “let go” of that jealousy and anxiety back then. Years later, when I won $1,000.00 (and received some inheritance money when my mother died) I felt God was urging me to visit my sponsored child in Haiti, finally, and to visit a former exchange student in England. By then, I was feeling guilty that I was spending the money on me (should I sponsor another child instead?). But God made it clear to me — “No, this is my gift to you!” I visited Josue in Haiti after 16 years of sponsorship and received notice that he’d completed his education and sponsorship the very week after I returned home! God’s timing is right! Now He has graced me with lots of travel opportunities, just as a pure gift. So much better coming as a GIFT from Him, than from my own plans! I also thought it was hilarious that He didn’t let me win $100,000 or a million dollars, for I’m not sure He could’ve trusted me with that much! lol

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