6 months of emotions in 1 day overseas

For me, a day spent overseas on a Compassion trip emotionally equals about 6 months of emotions at home. It is like the show “24” where in one hour Jack Bauer is trying to prevent terrorists from blowing up the world and in the next hour Jack Bauer is reuniting with his long lost daughter. As you look at my last 24 hours, it may not seem that emotional or dramatic, but you have realize that 25 hours on a plane, 105 temperatures, extreme jetlag, 5 hours of sleep and the intensity of being in India, all contribute to making a day more emotional. So here is the timeline on the emotional rollercoaster.


9:00 pm: confused – Land in Delhi and walk out of airport into chaos of people, taxis, pollution, lack of signs, and men grabbing at your luggage.

9:30 pm: amused – Hotel is a bit of a dive and so it’s time to be flexible.


2:00 am: freaked – Have a weird dream that gets me up out of bed.

7:00 am: delighted – Leaving skanky hotel and head to the airport for the flight to Kolkata.

11:00 am: happy – Landed in Kolkata and met up with the Compassion India staff who are highly capable of handling 10 Americans.

12:00 pm: surprised and overjoyed – Found out I am going to meet my daughter’s sponsored child on this trip.

3:45 pm: inspired -Visited the tomb/memorial and home of Mother Theresa.

4:30 pm: heartbroken – Visited Mother Theresa’s orphanage. 275 beautiful children.

5:30 pm: Overwhelmed- Visited a large palace like structure called Victoria memorial in 103 degree temperature with swarms of people, monkeys dancing in the street, people begging, horns honking, and Indian men wanting to take pictures of the 10 white Americans.

7:00 pm: Frustrated – Having major technical problems with posting and blogging. Hotel computer guy called in to help.

8:00 pm- Relieved – Spence fixes my technical problems by downloading some software. 9:00 pm – Excited- I am finished blogging going to bed.

9:05pm – Homesick – I just thought of my babies and my husband and got tears in my eyes. Stephen, Julia, Grace and Isabel, I love you. I wish you were with me.

Check out the Compassion India Blog Site to see everyone blogging on this trip. 

(Ok, my internet connection is so slow in my room that its now 11:30 pm in Kolkata and I am still trying to post, thus I can’t do links or pictures tonight, yep I am in India).

19 Comments on “6 months of emotions in 1 day overseas

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  2. You are right about that. We get to come home but those children are still in the slums.

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  4. Thanks for the great synopsis of your travel. Reminds me of our trip to Mumbai last summer…bugs, snakes, sweaty weather and lots of joy and stark reality. What an awesome experience. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this amazing journey.

  5. Thanks for your comment Courtney. India certainly is an adventure. My stomach is telling me about that adventure right now! Anyway, I am glad there are others than can relate to this experience.

  6. I have a very dear memory of that exact scene you described in the Dehli airport…dark, loud, dirty, and confusing, but the beginning of an amazing adventure in India. Thanks for blogging for Compassion, I hope your trip is even more eye-opening than mine was–for you and everyone who reads this.

  7. Janet,
    Thanks for your prayers! I bet you are getting excited for your Philipine trip.

  8. Karrie,
    I accidently deleted your comment! I was so glad to see your comment though because couldn’t help but think of you when I went to Mother Theresa’s orphanage. Lots of babies to take home.
    Hope you are doing well.

  9. Wish you were here! I brought Propel packets and they have been popular.

  10. Thank you so much for your prayers. Pray for Angie and Melissa. Both are not feeling well.

  11. WHEW!!!! You make me tired! I am still exhausted from Kenya- when I think about it and for you to be in India! Girlfriend, praying for strength for you! I am excited to follow you thru the blog. How exciting that you are going to get to meet Julia’s child….I remembered that I forgot to get you our child’s info in India…all I know is that he is at the Nattathi CDC- I think that is way south! So have fun and blog lots! Take Care!

  12. Thank you for letting us travel through your eyes. Your 9:05 post brought tears to this Mom’s eyes. Praying for each one of you.

  13. we had a crazy lady in our church today she had a multiple personalities for today her name was nona yesterday her name was something different that is what cow bow hat man says but we are ok:)!!!

  14. hi mom miss you so much we want you back. just to say I cu my hair to it is a little longer from my shoulders.

  15. We prayed for you this morning and we will continue to pray!!That cab ride looked a little hairy….or harried…..or scary! Cant wait for pics!!!

  16. We miss you too. I am exhausted just thinking about your last 48 hours. I was excited to see you and Robin had posted. I hope the technical stuff gets worked out. I can’t wait to see your pictures. -Stephen

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