Female Friday: It Isn’t All Bad by Steve

Patricia reminded me it was time for Female Friday again and I really couldn’t think of what to write because I haven’t had any major challenges with females this week.  Then it donned on me that my perspective on this blog is “how to cope with females” and “how to survive the struggles of living with so many females under one roof.”  That’s a little jaded, isn’t it?  Kind of sad that I couldn’t think of what to write since I haven’t had any significant female issues this week.

So maybe it is time for a little healthy contrast to the challenges and to focus on the blessings of living in a home of estrogen dominance.  With Patricia gone for 10 days in India we definitely got to see what happens when the alpha female is gone.  It’s actually kind of boring.  Don’t get me wrong, we had fun, but the main source of energy in this home was gone.  There was a lot less passion (which is both good and bad).  With Dad driving the schedule and the activities, it was certainly more stable and calculated but it missed the spice that keeps it fun around here.  Much more than 10 days and I think we would have all started freaking out just to get a little chaos back in the picture.

As overwhelming as all the emotions can be for me, I realized I missed it when Patricia was gone.  She has a way of making sure everyone in this house is feeling something.  Over time that is exhausting for a male thinker like me.  I can only recognize a few emotions a week as opposed to the thousands a day a teenage girl can go through.  So when Patricia was gone, I think the girls all realized I couldn’t handle all of their emotions and they protected me.  It was appreciated, but I think I actually missed it by the end of the 10 days.

So now the alpha female is back and we are back to the normal emotions of a home with 4 females.  On most weeks I probably would be a little over the top with it by Friday, but I think I am finding a new appreciation for it.  There is something about the roller-coaster ride of female emotions that is a bit comforting for a stable guy like me.  I definitely still need my breaks from it, but I guess I am saying I have found a new respect for the craziness around here.  For some reason God knew I needed all of this in my life.  I guess I need to start trusting Him in that.   🙂

2 Comments on “Female Friday: It Isn’t All Bad by Steve

  1. Oops my bad, I meant that comment for your wife’s story about the shoes. But no worries, Steve, I already passed your post on to my son-in-law, who lives with 4 women in the house. Wishing you blessings! Mary

  2. What a great story of God’s redemption! Thanks for sharing!

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