Celebrating Patricia! by Steve

Today is Patricia’s birthday!!  Horns blare, confetti flies… 

So today is the day we get to celebrate Patricia and what an amazing person she is.  (It is also the day I get to hijack her blog.)  We have a Jones family tradition that on each of our birthdays, we take time as a family to share what we love and appreciate about that person.

It has been fun over the years to share this tradition with friends and family as they have to come to birthday parties.  And so today, I felt like I should share it with you and invite you all to join in the fun.  If you have any words of encouragement for Patricia please join the party and shoot her a comment.

Now I get to go first.

Patricia, I know my parents prayed for the perfect woman for me to marry and God definitely answered that prayer.  This morning it dawned on me (I’m a little slow) that since you are a couple years older than me, God knew you would be the perfect woman for me even before anyone on this planet knew I would ever exist.  I suck at writing, so I don’t know that I can do this thought justice, but this has really overwhelmed me today as I have pondered it.  I was thanking God for what a perfect wife you were for me and it dawned on me that He loved me more than I could even conceive.  He was loving me, by making you, even before I existed.  Does that make sense?  It has brought tears to my eyes several times today realizing how much God loves me through you. 

That was a lot sappier than the usual birthday appreciation, so let me add that I love who I am around you.  You have helped me to be so much more balanced in my life.  You remind me how much I need to be patient with people, that my role in people’s lives is not to change people but just to love people.  You help me to relax and look for the fun in life instead of all the things that need to be done.  Bottom line, I want to be more like you when I grow up.  I love you.


4 Comments on “Celebrating Patricia! by Steve

  1. Oh wow, was just catching up on your guys blog about your trip and came across this Happy Birthday celebration sharing post from Steve. You’re quite the writer Steve, your sweet words brought tears to my eyes (I know, not hard to do since I’m a cry baby anyway -haha), but seriously very moved by your love for your wonderful wife. =)

    What to say about Patricia for her birthday (albeit belated)….

    Patricia, you’ve always been such an encourager and I thank you for your love, even without words… your actions, your understanding looks and truly through your beautiful smile. Your positive energy is really contagious. You have great ideas and wonderful creativity. You are a great worship leader – wow, how you usher in the Holy Spirit into our services and the way you’re used by God to draw us closer to Him each week is quite a gifting! You’re a great friend; one I respect and love very much! Love your sis, Vicky

  2. Way to be a total mush ball Steve….nicely said though.

    My favorite things about Patricia…

    She has a huge capacity for emotion and empathy and can delve into the depths of situations and relationships with ease. She is also able to be carefree, fun and full of joy in all things. She has a geat sense of humor and I love that she knows herself so well and is comfortable with who she is. She always looks for the best in people and is quick to support and encourage others, especially me. She is wise, and wild all at the same time. I adore you Patricia! Happy Birthday


  3. aaaaah that choked me up!! You are both really amazing people1
    happy birthday Patricia…..Im doing the happy dance at my desk for you. Lets see, what do I like about Patricia?
    She is an awesome worship leader, she is a fantastic mom, a great team player, not to mention beautiful, smart and an amzing photographer and writer!!!!!!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday, Patricia! Today is my birthday, too! I found your blog through the LPM blog while you were on the Compassion trip to India. Thank you for sharing so honestly during that trip. May God richly bless and use you in the coming year.

    From your “birthday sister”,

    PS I also have a 14 year old daughter named Grace. She is our gift from God “made in China”.

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