Time is Precious

When my kids were little I remember people always telling me how fast the time will fly and to enjoy every minute. Easier said then done.  It was hard to imagine time flying with little girls and all their needs.  Oh the diapers, the screaming, the long nights of colicky babies, the road trips with barf and moments of complete fatigue.  Now as they get older I am beginning to realize just why people always told me to cherish those days, because my babies are growing up so fast and my oldest daughter will be going to high school this fall.  I find myself trying to plan more and more moments where my family can be together because we are competing for their time with all their activities, friends, boys, and a whole lot of other stuff. I am realizing that in four years, my life will change with a kid off to college.  

 We are two days away from leaving for our 4200 mile road trip.   Oh and yes, I am still planning to camp, snakes and all. The kids will learn to pitch and tent, cook over a fire, clean it all up, and look at stars under the North Dakota skies.  I am still worried about Steve a little bit.  Oh, I know he is Mr. Tough guy and all but can he handle 15 days of girls … I mean, can he handle the drama, the talking, and the lack of having male companionship?  Oh, I am kidding.  He is such a great dad and man.  He will probably handle it way better than me.

Overall, I do look forward to getting away from home, and all the distractions. Being locked in a van for 4,200 miles actually sounds pretty nice.  My girls will be with us, my girls will be with each other, and we will all be together… just us on the road, the good the bad and the ugly.  I will cherish the moments… even the camping because time is precious.

 Hey, I do plan on throwing in a couple of blogs to keep you all posted on our trip plus its therapeutic for me.  I will let you know of the great places along the way and will definitely let you know if I run into any snakes.  You can also follow us on http://twitter.com/jonesbones5

One Comment on “Time is Precious

  1. Hey Patricia,
    I love this one. Time is precious. My oldest is almost 15 and the youngest is 4. They look like clones. It is like I am raising the oldest one all over again. In a sad way, I see every day how quickly my oldest grew up, but in a sweet way, I get to see what a precious journey it will be again with my youngest. Life is often bitter sweet.

    Speaking of bitter sweet…I just got back from my first advocates tour. We went to Guatemala June 13-20 and I was blessed to get to meet my sponsored child for the first time. I know that you are enjoying your family right now on your amazing adventure, but when they stick in their earphones and tune you out, you might want to take a look at my video. A friend of mine from church put some of my pics and short videos together for me yesterday. It is posted on youtube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYZwHGxqGjc
    I actually stole an idea from one of your pics from India. You will recognize it when you see it. I hadn’t planned on it…it just happened naturally and when it did…I snapped my camera. Hope you enjoy it. There is also a video from a home visit we did that has been put to video. It is found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzbPSBsZa_w&feature=related

    Hope these links work 🙂

    Have an amazing adventure with your family! I pray that God blesses this time together with bonds that will not be broken by intense hormonal moments 🙂

    Debbi Akers

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