I need a good laugh…

I need a good laugh like the belly hurting, eye watering, slobbering laugh (I drool when I laugh really hard…attractive huh??).

The confession:  I get all wrapped up sometimes and I let things bug me that don’t really matter.  I worry about stuff that I cannot change.  I let difficult situations consume my thoughts and my time.  As if I had any control.

An even deeper confession:  Sometimes I just want to flick people when they have crossed the line of tolerable into irritating.  A flick would get the point across and it’s not too violent. But since I am a mature adult, I will reserve my flicking to family and exhibit self -control to the rest of the world.

So… I need a good laugh today.   I’m caring too much about little stuff and it’s keeping me from seeing the big picture.   I can’t fix other people, I can’t change someone’s behavior, I can’t argue with a pig, I can’t make everyone agree with my theology, and I can’t convince my kids to clean their rooms without a threat.

So what can I do?  I can change me.  I can relax and enjoy the good life that God has brought me.  I can make a nice dinner, read a funny book, play some games with my family.  I can take my dogs for a walk, go to Zumba with my neighbor, I can play the piano, and I can be silly.  But I must admit, a good laugh would be fun.  It’s time.


2 Comments on “I need a good laugh…

  1. Lets do it. I am home all week. Let me know what works for you.

  2. You and I REALLY need to go out for coffee ASAP.

    You must tell me what threats you use to get your kids to clean their rooms. PLEASE!

    My boychild is no trouble. But the girlchild? It’s ugly in there. Threats, bribes, denied privileges…nothing works. 😦

    In return, I promise to make you laugh. Sound like a good deal?

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