Growing up Too Fast…

It wasn’t too long ago when my kids looked like this…


Now they look like this….

Road trip 09 117

As they grow older, it is much easier to manage all the household stuff.  No longer do they need me to make them all their meals and snacks, give them baths, and find entertaining ways to keep them occupied.  Sippy cups are gone, play-doe is in the past, and the barbie dolls have all been given away.   No longer do my kids like me to read them books (ok, once in awhile we will read something together), and stuffed animal tea parties are over.  My kids have it all figured out when it comes to the Tooth Fairy and Santa, though they still will play along for my entertainment.

Now my kids help with dishes, laundry, cooking meals and cleaning. They like to read on their own and they voluntarily shower daily without my help. They do all their homework without being told.  They enjoy playing music on real instruments and they enjoy a good conversation about world issues, faith, friends and sometimes clothes and hair products.  They are GROWING up so very fast and sometimes it makes me sad. I miss those little girls.

Some things that haven’t changed are my kids still like to get tucked in at night, and they like to snuggle on the couch.  They still hug me and kiss me and once in awhile, they still will climb on my lap.  They still need a hug when they are sad and they still tell me detailed stories of their day.

In a couple of days I will leave my girls and my man to travel to El Salvador with Compassion International on a Blog trip.  I feel fortunate that my girls have two grandma’s who will dote on them while I am away, and one incredibly capable husband.  But I know this for sure, I still will miss them and I still love coming home to their adorable faces. I still love being a mom and I still treasure everyday I have these three young ladies.

I just wish they wouldn’t grow up so darn fast!

2 Comments on “Growing up Too Fast…

  1. Why does this all sound so familiar? And what lucky young ladies to have such incredible parents.

  2. What a great pair of pictures. I well know the feeling of children growing up too fast. And I miss my little ones, too.

    Have a safe and wonderful trip. Can’t wait to hear all about it when you return!

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