Monday Letters – mama still got the moves

Dear Daughters,

It is good to be home with you again. I had a great time last week, but I always miss you.

First of all, I would like to prove to you that I am not old yet. I posted this picture to show you that your “mama still got the moves”. This was me doing a cheerleading move in front of some Compassion kids even though I never was a cheerleader. I just made it up!
Second, I wanted to share with you more of bunny boys’ song. This was one of my favorite moments on this trip. I absolutely loved this kid and admired his ability to express himself through music. It was such a beautiful moment to see this kid in a bunny suit get up and sing this song with all his might. It made me cry and laugh at the same time. I laughed because it made me so very happy and I cried because it was incredibly beautiful. I know if the three of you had been there, you would have loved this moment too. The great part about this song is that it was not planned. The boy went up to the director and asked if he could sing for us, so she let him and this was how he shared his love.

I hope you enjoy….

One Comment on “Monday Letters – mama still got the moves

  1. That photo is awesome. You have achieved liftoff! The local cheerleaders will be watching you closely to make sure you don’t try to steal their thunder.

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