Monday Letters – Monsters in Costco

Dear Girls,

I had a flashback the other day.  I was walking into Costco when I heard the sound of a screaming child.  It was the sound of a full on “Costco Meltdown”. I looked in the direction of the sound and saw this mother quickly unloading her basket of items into her car while her child sat in a car seat screaming as if the world was ending.  I smiled because I was thankful it was not me.

But…it reminded me of days gone by.  I can’t count the times your father and I had to deal with one of you having a “Costco Meltdown”.  It was always during the busiest times too.  We would be in the middle of the store when one of you would decide to go ballistic.  It was as if your alternate evil personality appeared out of your little bodies causing you to throw yourself down on the floor kicking and screaming.  I was always surprised your head didn’t spin completely around. People would walk by, look at you, then look at me with compassion.  I remember one time carrying one of you ( you know who you are), out of the store while you yelled and screamed at the top of your lungs.  I let you sit in the car while I stood outside and waited for you to calm down.  Yes, that is the “Costco Meltdown”.  These memories will forever be engraved in my mind and heart.

So, I have always wanted to know just why you had these head spinning, life altering melt downs in Costco? Were there monsters in the store that only young children can see?  Was it the hotdogs? Was this just your early acting careers being developed? Were you testing my ability to withhold a public spanking? Did you enjoy the stares of people wondering if I abused you?  No matter what the reason… you got me, yes, I admit to you now, you won during these meltdowns.  Sure, I handled it well.  I calmly walked you out to the car, we had the chat and then I would discipline you, but if you noticed, I stopped taking you to Costco with me.  You scared me.

You girls seemed to pick Costco for your meltdowns but there are children that have their meltdowns in other stores like Walmart and Target.  You will hear them screaming from the other side of the store. It’s a high pitched, blood curdling sound.  Maybe there are monsters in these stores too.  All I know is its the sound that never ends. It goes on and on my friends.

Well, those years have past. Maybe someday you will be with your children and experience a Costco Meltdown from the other end.  Wouldn’t that be something?



PS. Grace, you never had the head spinning meltdown in Costco.  No, you just giggled at your sisters while their heads were spinning.  Ummm….that didn’t go over so well with them.  I liked how you always went under the radar and seemed to be the one who could poke at your sisters and never get caught.  You sneaky little thing!

One Comment on “Monday Letters – Monsters in Costco

  1. Love this! What a talented writer you are Patricia! The “meltdowns” are my reality now… although I have to say that we do successfully navigate many stores without them… thank you for reminding me that they will stop someday… I will in some ways miss them … time passes quickly I know. Thank you for the glimpse into your family. PS – Your girls are gorgeous!

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