A Parenting Lesson…

What a week, and it is only Tuesday.  I have squeezed a lot of life in over the last few days.  Instead of focusing on holiday festivities, I have been focusing on helping my mom.

Some people run marathons, some swim for gold, others dance with the stars, but my mom, stood up today and walked.  I cheered, I clapped and I felt like my team was winning. I am totally into watching my mom go through physical therapy and occupational therapy. Each step, each moment of progress is thrilling for me.  I know this may not sound like much to some people, but for me, I get excited seeing my mom get out of her bed, fighting through pain to get back what she once had; independence.

Today I sat in a chair next to her bed while the physical therapist and occupational therapist worked with my mom.  They said, “Jayne, try to get up and get to the bathroom. Use this walker.”

I watched my mom twist and turn her body, wrestling to maneuver herself to sit up on the edge of the bed. It was tempting to reach my hand out and give her a little push, but instead I stayed on the side lines and cheered her on. I realized my mom needs to be able to do this on her own.  Reaching out and pushing her would actually keep her from achieving her goal.  She grunted, she struggled, but finally she was at the edge of her bed.  Then I watched my mom struggle to stand.  Again, I wanted to give her a little shove but instead, I watched….and she did it all on her own.  She was proud.  She giggled. Last Tuesday I sat with my mom in the emergency room as she agonized in pain from a broken hip and wrists.  Today, I celebrated because she finally got her body up on her own.

Somehow I feel like there is a parenting lesson in this.  How many times have I done things for my kids when they didn’t need it? How many times did I lift them up when they could get up on their own?  Did I take away their victory of achievement?  I do remember dressing my kids when they were perfectly capable, tying their shoes, wiping their….um…..um.  Now I am guilty of cleaning up after them.  Oh how they need this victory.  They need to know they can do it themselves, oh yes they can.  I love my mom.  She continues to teach me great lessons to pass down to the next generation.

4 Comments on “A Parenting Lesson…

  1. Sometimes the hardest thing is to step aside and let others do things for themselves. But you’re so right – it is the best thing to do. So glad to hear that Jayne is progressing well!

  2. Hello, and Happy Hollidays. I just wanted to get the word out this season about a wonderful program that I had just found out about today. Enjoy!

  3. Great lesson!

    It’s difficult to resist the temptation to do everything for our children. I am guilty of cleaning up after my children too….as if I have the time! Call it job security. They will never be able to move away because they won’t be able to function without their mommy to cook, clean, do their laundry……

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