Female Friday – Big Expectations

So, some of you know that my kids have started this project called “Shoes 4 Kids” and that Isabel has this passion to give shoes to children in need.  I delivered 22 pair of shoes on my last trip to Kenya to some kids that have nothing, and it was pretty cool. The  other night my husband asked Isabel to talk about her plan for Shoes 4 Kids, you know, like a business plan because she has some big ideas and is very FOCUSED on this project. Isabel and her sisters have been talking about branding, jobs, vision and mission and how this entire operation will work with getting shoes to needy kids all over the world. The other night the girls were trying to figure out branding and got in this serious discussion about the Bible and they decided to brand their “Cause” around a lily because of the verses Matthew 6:26-31.  Isabel said she likes this verse because it reminds her not to worry and she wants other kids around the world not to worry about their shoes.  She also said that giving shoes is kind of like helping God grow pedals on beautiful flowers.

Why worry about clothing? Look at the lilies of the field and how they grow.  They don’t work or make their clothing, yet Solomon in all his glory was not dressed as beautifully as they are. And if God cares so wonderfully for the wildflowers that are here today and thrown into the fire tomorrow, he will certainly care for you.

The passion Isabel has for this project is a little intimidating. So Isabel wrote this business plan for her dad.

Isabel’s Business Plan

Julia: Look up companies to see if they have child labor. If not, tell Grace what companies are fair trade.

Grace: Write letters to those companies telling them what we are doing. Then asking if we could get a discount or donate shoes.

Dad: Get me a blog to share the word.

Mom & Grace & Julia: Help me think of new ideas.

Stephen and I have been a little freaked out over this project because the girls have expressed very large expectations.  I was imagining trying to figure out non-profits, boards, by-laws, international laws, duty on products, and how we were going to get all these shoes over to other countries and I started to stress. I was imagining Isabel, Grace and Julia calling Wes Stafford and Bob Lenz to be on their board.  My girls aren’t afraid to ask. Seriously, I did not want my kids to fail or be disappointed. I remembered that God gave the vision to my kids, not me, and that I needed to relax and not worry.  Then I read this flyer that Isabel made and realized it’s pretty simple what she expects. Maybe I am the one that needs to adjust the expectations. I do want to thank those that continue to help Isabel with her efforts. Thank you Mary for the donation, we will be shopping for shoes for some kids in Guatemala.  Thank you to all my other friends that encourage Isabel.  Most importantly, I am seeing Isabel learn a lot and find a passion…and that is pretty cool.  Even though Isabel has big expectations you know like 20 – 30 pairs of shoes, I don’t believe she will be disappointed!

17 Comments on “Female Friday – Big Expectations

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  2. Jami…..We just sent you an email. Please send the shoes, we are soooooo excited. Used shoes are good too.

  3. I bought a pair of shoes and was wondering if the address above is where im suppose to send them? Also, is used shoes ok? I have some that my kids out grew that I would love to send to help out.

  4. Hi Mandy, we do like to give the kids close toed shoes for sanitary reasons but we will take anything.
    Patricia and Isabel

  5. we ran across your blog and read about Isabel’s vision. we would love to help out!! do the shoes have to be running/tennis shoes or can they be flip flops?


  6. Donna,
    You can send shoes to
    18500 SE 19th Way
    Vancouver, WA 98683

    We have shoe deliveries going off to Guatemala, Peru and Brazil over the next couple of months. We are so excited!!

  7. I have a 13 year old that has shoes she could donate. Do you prefer brand new? Or is slightly used okay? We would love to be part of this! What address can we send the shoes too? thanks! I enjoy your blog so much. Happy Mother’s Day!

  8. I’m glad you got the check, hey do you want used shoes? And if yes, where should we send them. When you get the site working I’m going to post it on my facebook and get my sons to post it, because they have like 600 + friends and I have one. Grin. Good luck! Mary

  9. Hi! I would like to send you some shoes. Is there an address I can send them to? You can email me at amrichardson1986@yahoo.com Good luck Isabel!! I love your ideas! Oh and one more thing, when will you be taking the next batch of shoes to the children?

  10. I love the way you used the lily in the name of your new venture. Isabel you really rock! I will happily donate money or shoes towards this very worthy cause. Love you, Grandma Jayne

  11. Dear Madi,
    That is so sweet of you. Its so cool you are trying to help. I love it when people are helping. It’s cool our moms were in Africa together. I hope we might be able to meet sometime.

  12. How cool! I’m Kristen’s daughter Madison, and I’m the same age. What an inspiring story. I’m Doing
    extra jobs around the house to earn money to buy some shoes to send to you. I love what your organization is based on. Hope all goes well!


  13. Isabel is getting ready for school and super excited. We received your donation so she is making plans to get some more shoes. She wanted to tell you, “Thank you for helping my “CAUSE” and donating.”

  14. Do you have a paypal account? I would like to send Isabel a donation for some shoes. I sponsor a little girl in Guatemala through CI and love her like one of my own.

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