“OH WOW!  OH WOW!”  This is all Isabel said when she opened her latest donation of shoes from We Are That Family.  She had little tears in her eyes!  In the note from the family that sent these shoes it said,

” Our oldest daughter wanted to contribute to your ministry.  She did chores, worked, and sold some of her things to buy 3 pair of shoes.  My son then decided to pitch in and buy a pair also.  When we went to buy the shoes, they were having a big sale so Kristen and I pitched in for a few additional pairs.”

Isabel said,”Oh Wow”

OH WOW again.Then she carefully placed all the shoes in the shoe warehouse, waiting for the next shipment. On Wednesday next week  6 pairs will go off to Brazil for some sweet little feet.

Just a couple weeks ago, Isabel opened up a box of shoes from a total stranger. She has received money, shoes, and lots of sweet notes from people that don’t even know her, but are supporting her cause, “Shoes for Kids”.  Do you know what this does to a kid’s heart?

What a blessing it is to see my child get excited about shoes….and not for herself, but those in need.

What a joy to see my kid fearlessly ask others to give without apology because she believes what she is doing is right.

Isabel has been fundraising for shoes for about 5 months now and sent several pairs with me to Kenya to give away at Compassion projects.  Last month we sent five pairs off with a friend going to Guatemala with Compassion.  This month we will send several more pairs down to Brazil with Stephen ((Isabel’s dad).  Next month some shoes are going to Peru, and in the fall back to Guatemala.  It’s so exciting.

Isabel is ramping up for her next big fundraiser so here is her ad so far.   It’s very serious I must warn you, but she does not mess around.


The world seems happy, but when you look around the corner, you see sadness.

Tears running down a little girl’s face.

You look down at yourself and you see clean clothing, your nice shoes. You look at the little girl again.

Sad, hopeless eyes, and dirty torn clothing, No shoes.

What are you supposed to do?

You can help kids like this.


If you want to help Isabel and SHOES for KIDS, send me a note and I will email you on how to do this!

25 Comments on “Oh WOW!

  1. Hi Patricia and Isabel-
    I would love to donate. Please tell me if you prefer a check so you can purchase the shoes or if you would prefer I purchase them and mail them to you. I love that we were able to see Kristen’s post about how the shoes came to be (from We Are THAT Family) and follow them to Isabel. Hopefully we can see them with their proud new owner too 🙂
    Can’t wait to hear from you!

  2. Okay, check the mail from Walmart in a few days, I just sent Isabela a package, hope she likes what I picked. I don’t have daughters and the boys are all grown up and gone from the house. So shopping for young people is difficult for me. Glad I could be a part of this. Keep up the good work. Sorry the husband could not go on his trip, there is a good reason for it. Mary

  3. Thanks for the address, wow nice turnout here. Your postman is going to get very busy. I love the Isabel’s ministry, very cool!

  4. Hi Bonnie,
    You can send shoes or $10 for Isabel’s ministry to 18500 SE 19th Way
    Vancouver, WA 98683
    We are so excited to have your help!!

  5. Hi Mary,
    Good to hear from you again. Yes we are collecting shoes still and again. I am just having everyone send it straight to us as this makes life easier.
    18500 SE 19th Way
    Vancouver, WA 98683

    Thanks for helping her out. Her little ministry seems to be growing!!

  6. I LOVE this!!! Please let me know how I can contribute!

  7. Hi this is so great, hopefully this is what you meant by send you a note. Do I send shoes to the address I sent the check? You should post the address along with her ad, she is really very special, she will grow up to respect her world and do great things, good luck. Mary

  8. Dear Elizabeth,
    We sent you an email of how you can help and we are very excited you are interested. Thank you.
    Isabel and Patricia

  9. Isabel you are an inspiration. I hope that others will see your spirit, determination and love for others and will learn from you. I have added this to my blogroll so that my readers can be inspired by you too 🙂 Thanks to you (and to your parents for teaching you the compassion you have)!!! http://www.thecrazylady.wordpress.com

  10. Please let me know where to contribute.

  11. Sign me up!!! Love Isabel’s heart!! What a sweetheart!!

  12. Hi. Thank’s for all the comments:) I really am thankful for all the shoes I am getting. You guys are a big help.

  13. Isabel, thank you!!!! I’ve asked many people who have been on Compassion trips for tips and advice on things to bring, you’re one of the first to respond, and your information is very, very helpful. I will get my kids involved and start looking for shoes this weekend!!

    Much love… keep pointing to Him, He shines in you!!

    JD in Canada

  14. Hi JD,
    We recommend bringing shoes from little sizes to big…as many as you can fit. Try to bring tenns shoes so the feet are pretected. Give the shoes to a project director.

  15. Oh…. Kristen, its the sweetest thing ever. Makes me realize that our kids can have such an impact in the world too. Start em young!!

  16. I love that girl, and I’m so excited to see her Shoes For Kids doing well. I love her spunk and spirit, and her bold passion for her cause — I pray my children have that kind of initiative someday, I pray I lead by example.

    I’d love to bring some shoes to Honduras on my Compassion trip at the end of June — how do I know which sizes/styles to purchase, would Isabel have any tips for me?

  17. I am definitely interested in shoes for kids.
    Please let me know how I can contribute.

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