How shoes can be distracting for a 5th grader!

I am trying to keep Isabel focused.  She just has a couple of days left of school and had to finish a huge exit project, so I could not let her focus on SHOES For KIDS, though it was tempting because…….

we received almost 50 pairs of shoes this week, and $100 of donations. Every day this week there was something in the mail for Isabel and now we have shoes for big feet…..

little feet…

long feet….

short feet…..

feet feet feet.

The warehouse is full and is now overflowing.  Isabel ran out of closet space to store the shoes so some of the shoes have moved into boxes in the garage for shipment.

My husband is going overseas a couple of times this summer (now to Columbia and maybe Guatemala) and it dawned on him yesterday that the six pairs of shoes he was going to be taking on his trips are now more like 60 pairs of shoes.  It’s a good problem and we are so thankful.

So, for all of you who donated and contributed, we thank you.  Isabel will soon come out with her public statement, but for now she must finish 5th grade!

2 Comments on “How shoes can be distracting for a 5th grader!

  1. LOL – some of them are really small! But I guess even the babies need shoes. Let us know when the warehouse is emply. Go finish 5th grade and have a great summer. Mary

  2. Oh Sweet Isabel…

    My heart understands. I am on my break at work right now, and all I can think of is how much I need the Lord’s help to focus on my tasks here at work, when my heart is longing to simply work for Him, work on my upcoming trip to Honduras, gather supplies for the Compassion centers we’ll be visiting, etc.

    One of the things that has helped me is to keep reminding myself that it’s only through this job that I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to have an income that I can offer back to Him so that He can use it to help others… without it, I couldn’t support our 7 Compassion children, or my family. Sometimes, I have to try extra, extra hard to remember that. Being here is working for Him, indirectly. It’s where He would have me be, and I need to remember that.

    Your school work is just as important, Isabel, because God will use the education you are receiving to give you the gifts that He needs you to have in order to serve Him very effectively. Think of it as serving Him in school, just as I think of it as serving Him at work.

    Let’s get through these next few days in prayer for each other — we can do it!!


    P.S. Tell your mom that her posts and her updates on you really inspire me and help me focus on teaching and leading my children… I’m very thankful.

    P.P.S. Those are some ROCKIN’ SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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