Good-bye to Jose Manuel

I hope my husband doesn’t mind that I have a new man in my life.  I met him a couple of days ago, and it was love at first site.   His smile, his eyes, his missing tooth were more than I could handle. He had spiritual depth too.  I loved watching him pray.   Notice the way he prays compared to the other kids. His name is Jose Manuel and when he introduces himself to others, he always uses his full name with much confidence.

I do believe I am in love.  I would like to bring him home, but I don’t think that is possible.  Oh well, I may just have to come back to see Jose Manuel.

When I said goodbye to Jose Manuel, we exchange a hug, but then he kissed me on the cheek.  I have not washed it since.

Goodbye Jose Manuel, I will never forget you my little friend!

We are heading back to Lima tomorrow up over the mountains, so our week at Project PE350 has come to an end.  We will spend a couple of days in Lima, some people from our group will meet their sponsored children in Lima and we will go to the Lima Zoo.  It should be fun.

4 Comments on “Good-bye to Jose Manuel

  1. He is so handsome!

    Just wanted to say hi as I started following your blog recently… thanks for sharing your thoughts with “us”. 🙂

  2. ohhhmy that picture of sweet jose manuel praying!!!
    love this. . . cant wait to hear more about Peru!

  3. I met a boy who reminds me of Jose Manuel on my Compassion trip to Honduras last week… he wrapped his arms around my neck, and velcro’d himself to my heart. I would have loved to take him home too.

    LOVE the photo of Jose Manuel praying… could he be any more beautiful, really?

    It was so hard to say goodbye to the children of Honduras. They hold a special place in my heart… and in His. I know how you feel!

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