URGENT HELP NEEDED – by Isabel Jones

Isabel wrote this and wanted me to post it.  As you can see, she is all about business.


Hello people of the world,

We just found out my dad is going to Guatemala trip next week on Thursday! He is going to go to the dump where kids go to find garbage to sell, but kids in the dump only have flip flops to wear. My dad is also going to an orphanage. So I need your help.  I want to have 20 or more shoes to send with him.  I know we don’t have much time. Send a comment and we will email you the address for sending shoes! You can send money too and we will buy the shoes. I will be gone on Sunday so try to get them in before that. If your shoes don’t make it for this trip, we can send them the shoes with my dad to Columbia in August.  Are you willing to help?

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25 Comments on “URGENT HELP NEEDED – by Isabel Jones

  1. Hola hola gracias a Dios que existe tantos medios para comunicarnos … Patricia y Stephen los quiero mucho

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  3. Sorry I just saw this post, I’m still hanging in there with yu Isabel. Keep up the good work. Mary

  4. Amy,
    That is so cool!
    We are collecting all sizes. For this trip, we need some shoes for older kids now. We have lots of little shoes.
    We sent you the address on your email.

  5. Hi Isabel….I was a friend of your dad’s in college and have reconnected with him via facebook. One day I followed the link to this blog and have been reading it following your mom’s trips and life in the Jones’ home. Your mom is a wonderful writer and has inspired me more than she will ever know.
    I would love to contribute to your shoe ministry. Do you need any certain sizes or will anything do? Let me know where to mail them!
    God is obviously using you and your family to change the world. Don’t ever tire of that!

  6. Hi Isabel and Patricia-
    I mailed my second of hopefully many checks to you this morning.
    Thanks for making this possible!

  7. I sent you a donation through Paypal. Thank you for letting us be a part of what you’re doing!

  8. Hello Everyone,
    We are way over goal but God is good. Keep it coming! We will be sending lots of shoes to Guatemala and we will keep you posted.
    Isabel and Patricia

  9. I know I had you e-mail your address before … but could you send it again? I just had a lengthy conversation about poor people that live near dumps in other countries with my 6 year old and he wants to “crack the bank” and spend his Star Wars Lego money on 2 pairs of shoes. We will get them in the mail tomorrow. I am guessing tennis shoes would be best… what sizes? I know in your posts form your recent trip you said even wee sizes are needed?
    Kim (mickey)

  10. What kind of shoes & size ? Let us know we will happily contribute!!
    Love your heart Isabel

  11. If you have paypal, let me know. Otherwise, send an address for a check.

  12. It’s all His — happy to share His blessings in ways that honor Him.

    Thank you both for the opportunity… keep us posted on how things go!

  13. Hi JD,
    I just sent you an email with our Paypal account info. Thanks for the help and being an advocate for children!

  14. We want to send a pair of shoes. Please let us know the address where we should send them. We are excited to be a part of your ministry!

  15. I’d love to contribute financially… can I do this via Paypal? I just came back from Honduras, I’ve seen the need for shoes first hand… I know it’s the same in Guatemala. Bless you for creating an opportunity for us to help!

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