Chihuahuas, purses and planes

For those of you who know my husband, I laughed really hard as I adjusted the light in this picture to emphasize their beautiful relationship.  He told me I was killing him… I love messing with this man.

Steve and Levi

Dear 22 year old girl with the Chihuahua in your purse on a plane,

You were next to my husband on his five-hour flight the other day.  He was tired and looking forward to a peaceful trip, but your dog yapped the entire time.  My husband came home edgy and angry at your dog.  The guy next to him cussed at you.  The people around you were over the top because for some reason, you felt it necessary to carry your nervous dog in your cute little purse on an airplane.

Possibly you should look into a sedative for your animal. Your dog hates flying.  Did you know that?

I am a dog lover.  We have a darling little fluff ball and a mini–dachshund.  We have a Chihuahua next door who occasionally barks, but he is a cute little dog.  However, my husband is not much of a dog lover.  The fact that we have two dogs is an act of God because my husband just doesn’t enjoy having animals.  So people like you don’t help keep peace amongst those of us who love animals, and non-dog lovers.

My husband almost cried when he got home and our miniature dachshund greeted him then peed with excitement onto the floor.  My husband then scorned your Chihuahua again exclaiming his distaste in animals.

I saw a man who had been torn down, beat up and emotionally destroyed by his dog experience.

So Chihuahua girl, please keep your dog home next time, or talk to your vet about a nice little cocktail drink to help your dog chill out.

Do they make Xanax for animals?


The woman who had to deal with the edgy husband after he had been on a flight with a yapping Chihuahua.

9 Comments on “Chihuahuas, purses and planes

  1. I can sympathize, I had to put up with a CRYNG baby for 4 hours, never once shut up, and the mother just ignored the baby, kept reading her book!

  2. Stephen I’m with you when it comes to being a dog lover. NOT!! But for some reason I adore cats. They don’t make that much noise; they want to be petted once in a while. And if you have to leave them, they can manage. After all there really are no cat owners. When I leave the house for a trip, I just when I come home that Lucy, my cat, hasn’t changed the dishwear in the kitchen!!

  3. Hey, I am really proud of that picture. I love the soft light and how this picture displays your deep love for this dog.

  4. I still can’t believe she posted that picture. Glad I could add a little humor to everyone’s life today. I swear that dog is lucky to be alive.

  5. This is great! I had a good chuckle.

    I too am not much of a dog lover. So, I admire your husbands restraint.

    I am glad this letter, to the Chihuahua girl, was not to apologize for Steve killing her dog.

    That letter might not have been so funny.

  6. I enjoyed reading it too…I’m glad Simba made it in your post. :0)

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