We Have Arrived!

WE HAVE ARRIVED.  I love saying that!

I am so thankful tonight to be in Guatemala City with our bloggers.  I have already had some good laughs and some great conversations, so I know we are going to have a good week in Guatemala.  This is my 4th blog trip as a leader and it’s such a privilege to be a part of these trips.    The interaction from home, the messages, the comments, the twitters make this trip special.

“What if I can’t write very well this week?”

“What if we don’t get any kids sponsored?”

These are questions that were asked today. These are the same questions that have been asked on every single blog trip I have been on.  I know that each of our bloggers on this trip feel a bit of anxiety, not only because of the travel, but to perform.  I get that.  I also know from leading worship at my church that the band can have the most amazing performance and musicianship, but apart from God, it means nothing.  Apart from the Holy Spirit, words are just words, so I pray our bloggers find peace in knowing that they can just share from their heart and use their gifts. They don’t need to worry about it.

Well, I am not going to lie, I pray we get kids sponsored on this trip, but I also know this trip is about  more than getting kids sponsored…. so much more.

To me, it’s about the stories of the people we will meet and about our great God and what He is doing.   It’s about the miracles and about the mothers and fathers of children who now have hope.  It’s about challenging us Americans (and Canadians, and Europeans etc) to share our wealth, to be compassionate and to love those the world has left behind in the darkest corners.

This morning, as I left my house, and kissed my babies goodbye, I got to the airport and looked at all the messages, twitters and prayers for this team of bloggers. I was moved.  I was moved by the fact that several of our past bloggers wrote stories today, and sent kind words and prayers.   I was moved to know that people care and want to follow along.  I felt at peace knowing that we are surrounded by an army of people who are praying and hoping for the same outcomes as we are.

So thank you for your prayers this week as we experience the ministry of Compassion in Guatemala.  Keep em coming!

You can help too! Spread the word about this trip and help us free some kids from poverty!  Here is the link to our blog page where all the posts will be shown. Pass it on.

Written after a long day of travel so forgive me of any typo’s or grammatical errors.

3 Comments on “We Have Arrived!

  1. Kristen, You are truly a blessing. Our group constantly speaks of you and how you have encouraged everyone. I hope to come to visit you soon. Steve and i are trying to plan a trip to your area soon.

  2. My prayers are with you, Stephen and your girls. Grace complained of being very sore all over from running 2 miles. Julia looked adorable in her new outfit. Isabel was worried about homework, but was looking forward to youth group. Julia was glad her Dad was playing for the youth group worship. She said he was a good base player. I hope she tells him, we all appreciate compliments.
    We grandmas’ enjoy having time with the girls. You have a great time. Sandra

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