Guatemala – A happy ending!

I love cheesy movies that you can predict the ending and everyone lives happily ever after.

Well….I have lived through a happy ending today.  I experienced one of the biggest blessings I have come across as a Compassion employee, sponsor, blogger ever.

On my last trip to Guatemala, I met a little girl that captured my heart; I called her a gem.  I wrote about her.  Darlin was her name.

Darlin wrapped up my heart with her sweet spirit, her beautiful eyes and smile.   We hung out together while I was at her project.

Toward the end of the day, I grabbed an interpreter and I asked Darlin about her sponsor.  She was in the Compassion project, she was receiving all the benefits, but she had never received any kind of news about her sponsor.  She did not know her sponsor’s name.   It made me so sad.  Here was this beautiful girl with so much to give.  It didn’t even dawn on me that she might not have a sponsor.

I remember our conversation that day. After I asked her about her sponsor, I felt compelled to make sure she knew she was loved.

“Do you know that Jesus loves you?”  I said.


“Good. Do you know that God has an amazing plan for your life?”

She looked at me and smiled bashfully, as if she was not sure about this.  There was something missing in her life.

“Darlin, can I pray for you?”


I had seen the neighborhood that she lived in. It was a dark place full of gangs and horrible poverty.   As a mother, I was worried about Darlin.  I wanted to take her home and keep her safe.  There was a heavy spirit in this little girl.  I prayed that God would show His love to her and she would know God’s love.  I prayed that she would know how important she is to God.

We hugged as we said goodbye and I knew I would remember Darlin.

Well……here comes the happy ending.

Just yesterday, Autumn contacted me.  She had followed our blog trip and had read my post about this precious girl I had met.  She saw my picture with Darlin and recognized her as one of the children she had seen on the Compassion website.  She went back onto the website and sponsored Darlin.  Darlin was one of those children that had waited over six months for a sponsor.  Autumn sponsored her and immediately wrote a letter.

Now Darlin will know her sponsors name.

I know that God has brought these two together and I believe Autumn will have a huge impact on Darlin’s life.  Oh my goodness, this is a happy ending!

These are the reasons I blog.  Out of a million children sponsored with Compassion, I got to witness two people coming together, and I feel so thankful that God gave me a chance to watch the happy ending.  I am thankful for answered prayers and I look forward to hearing about Darlin and Autumn.

Why don’t you be an answer to prayer today?  Click here!

5 Comments on “Guatemala – A happy ending!

  1. Love, love, love this story! I got two letters from my young man in the Dominican Republic recently and he said in his last letter something to the effect of “I tell people about Jesus wherever go. I want you to know I would not be a Christian were it not for Compassion.”

    So Autumn, if you are listening, write often to our little Darlin! 🙂

  2. What a beautiful story!

    I’m so glad God brought these two together, and that you could be part of that!

  3. Now, that is like a ray of sunshine on this dark and gloomy day! Praise the Lord for His timing! He just makes the BEST matches, doesn’t He?

    Thank you, Autumn, for making a difference in Darlin’s life!! ❤

  4. I am sitting in front of my computer this morning working on the details for Compassion Sunday. This was some AMAZING inspiration. This is truly what it is all about. Thank you Patricia. Thank you Autumn! God bless you Darlin! Wow!

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