Sharing her heart…

Excited yet nervous, Isabel shared from her heart about her shoe ministry on Saturday night.  All the way to Messiah Lutheran Church, Isabel expressed how nervous she was, so I asked her, “Do you want to do this?”

“Yes, I definitely want to do this, I am just really nervous.”

Her audience? 20 adults with disabilities.  They all attend a bible study at this church.

A podium was set up for her.  Isabel carefully placed her notes on it.

Jenny wanted to sit by us.  She gave us hugs and she was excited we were there.  Jenny was the reason we were invited.  Her mom has been following Isabel’s shoe ministry and had told Jenny about it.   The leader of the study thought “Shoes for Kids” was a great way to get her group involved in doing something for others.

Isabel spoke boldly.

“When I went to Africa, and I met the children, I could see tear stains on the children’s faces.  They did not have anything, and I wanted to make them happy. That is why I started Shoes for Kids.”

The audience responded with empathy.

After her speech, she showed the video, “Making Happy Feet,” then she said, “I challenge you now to collect 30 shoes in 30 days.”  (A good ask I must say)

A man from the front row quickly responded, “40 shoes!” and the group agreed.

Isabel smiled.

Before we left, Jenny hugged us and thanked us.  So sweet and beautiful!

When we got back into the car I said, “Isabel, isn’t funny how sometimes in life we are asked to do things that are not comfortable?”

“Yes, but I figure I have to be like Wess Stafford now (Wess is the president of Compassion International). I wonder if he gets nervous when he speaks too.”   She said.

I just had to smile.

Tomorrow, 30 pairs of shoes are headed to Tanzania with our friend Suzie.  Saturday I will be taking 30 plus shoes to the Amazon in Ecuador.  What a blessing to be apart of a child’s dream.

6 Comments on “Sharing her heart…

  1. Debbie, We had a lot of fun. It was a neat experience for Isabel, Julia and me. Thanks for getting it all set up! Tell Jenny Hi!

  2. Jill, Thanks….yes we must meet. We could get together for lunch or something in Portland on some weekend. You look really familiar so I think I have seen you at an event or somewhere before. When I get through with this season of travel then we should plan something. I have two more trips then I am done for the year for international.

  3. Patricia,

    Jenny was so surprised and excited to see herself on your blog. She now considers Isabel one of her friends and is really excited about helping her friend get shoes for kids. The bible study leader was also excited about your visit and the project. I think sometimes we forgot that everyone in our community can make contributions – many adults with disabilities have limited financial resources but what they lack in money they make up for with enthusiam and compassion.

    It is exciting to see Isabel follow her dream. You and Steven are very special parents to realize the importance of letting her do that.

    Isabel thanks for letting us share in your vision – we are excited to see how many shoes we will donate to other kids.


  4. Love this! I hope Wess gets to read this. : )

    When can our families meet? We would love to get to know you better…we’re just across the river and would love to have you over.

  5. Awesome. Simply awesome. Cant’ wait to hang out with you guys in a few weeks and finally meet Isabel!

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