Letters from Strangers

Usually I would get nervous if my daughter started receiving letters from strangers, but these words of encouragement have been very sweet for her ministry, www.shoesforkids.me.

Hello Isabel,

We learned about you and the amazing work you are doing by a letter we received by Diane.  I can’t express enough how much of an inspiration you are to us!  We love hearing stories of people doing incredible things around the world and to hear what you are doing at age 11 is truly amazing!  Keep doing amazing work and following your heart! If you ever happen to be in the Los Angeles area please let us know and we’d love for you to come visit our headquarters.


TOMS Giving Department


Thank you so much for your ministry.  We really love your heart and appreciate the opportunity you are giving us to help others.  Keep up the good work- you are changing lives on pair of shoes at a time!


Kris and Family


We are praying these shoes are a blessing to a child’s heart. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of what God is doing in your heart.


The Lakes

These are few of the letters Isabel has received.  It has been so fun!

We delivered shoes to Tanzania and Ecuador this month and more shoes are going to Kenya, Ethiopia and Brazil next month.  It’s been amazing to hear the stories from friends who have taken shoes overseas for us. We have almost delivered 400 pairs now.  When you realize you are giving a child their first pair of shoes, it’s an incredibly humbling experience and we thank you so much for helping.

We have  shoe drives happening at several churches, a couple businesses and some folks in the Compassion office, and finally we have our own shoe designer operation going on in our garage because of a donor named Mary.  The girls have been putting their special touches on these shoes headed overseas.

Isabel told me that she did not want Christmas presents this year. She said she only wanted shoes for kids.  “WOW”… I thought.  However, then she asked if I would take her on a trip to deliver some shoes (I figured there was a catch). I chuckled a bit and explained the cost of such a trip so we are going to save money and see what we can do over the next year.

Thank you again my friends for your help!   Here is some images from this last month with the help of Suzie from Compassion.

As Isabel says, “We are Making Happy Feet.”

4 Comments on “Letters from Strangers

  1. Yes Mary, no Christmas presents, only a trip. Some how it doesn’t add up but her heart is in the right place. Thank you once again for making the shoes so special!

  2. I’m such a baby but this made me cry. Isabel’s heart is precious. I can’t wait to meet her in December.

  3. No Christmas presents, just shoes, too sweet. We have a long way to go. And Isabel wanting to go along with you is big. Hope it happens for her. Thanks for sharing. Mary

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