Things Kids Ask For

I would like to share a letter that I found on my husband’s printer. Before you read this, please note that her father and I are not planning on saying yes, as we feel called to help children through other ways.  However, I did enjoy finding this letter.

Dear Guardians,

Ever since Mother got back from Ethiopia, I have wanted to adopt a child from there.

Ever since I was 5, I wanted to have a younger sister than me.  I hope you will take my message in a good way.  I have also wanted to go on a trip recently and that would be perfect opportunity to go on a trip to pick her up.  I would share the small room with her because we are the two smallest girls and should get the smallest rooms.  I love you and I will love her too if you say yes.

The letter was not signed, but I am guessing Isabel wrote it being that she is the smallest sister (even though she is 5’4”).  I hope she will understand that we are not planning on adopting a sister for her, but it was a fair attempt on her part.  The trip part could happen, but we can’t bring a child home.  She will just have to wait until she is grown up and then she can adopt a little girl from Ethiopia.

I am blessed she has a tender heart for children.



5 Comments on “Things Kids Ask For

  1. Really….why not?
    Too much of a stretch for you?
    What if we all adopted one more child?
    …I’m just asking…seems like a decent question.

  2. She sure is a keeper! LOL I remember when my son Chris (the oldest) wanted me to send the baby back to where ever we got him from. LOL kids are so great. Maybe she needs a babysitting job, that way she won’t want a little sister anymore. Mary

  3. How do you not love this child’s tender heart?!? Isabel you are wonderful!! I am sorry to say we won’t be adopting a child, but I love that you have a heart to help those in need.

  4. She is such a sweet-heart!! (We’ve got a box of shoes for her that we need to mail out. I hope to get to the post office very soon!)
    It warms my soul to see how children grow a heart for helping others. I often daydream about my own daughters, and how they will carry out their passion for children in poverty as they grow up.

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