Footwear and Fashion Trends

So what is the latest footwear and fashion trends?

Firefighter boots my friends.  You all will want a pair very soon.  But first lets see some other trends.

We have these ruby red slippers.

What small child does not want ruby red shoes?  All my children at one time wanted ruby red shoes and this seems to be a fashion that never dies out. Thanks to Dorothy, ruby reds are still around and provide a classic style, flare and function to any outfit.  These adorable shoes will bless the foot of some small Haitian girl that probably travels barefoot.  I promise these shoes will put a smile on a young girls face.  Thank you Johnson family!

Then we have these.

These are fire resistant, Armageddon proof, nuclear resistant, rain proof, waterproof, 10 pound boots form Hagemeyer North America!  These boots will become the rage of the world in style very soon as we disperse the 200 pair across the globe.  Yes, I said 200 pair (or close to it).   My girls think these boots are amazing.  Yes indeed, we have a 1000 pounds of these boots in my garage, still in boot boxes.  Some have asked, “What are you going to do with those boots?” Or, they have said, “Why did someone send you firefighter boots?”  And we say, “Well, why wouldn’t they? Doesn’t everyone need firefighter boots?”

Just think…if there is a nuclear war, your body might shrivel up, but in these boots, your feet will last forever.   Or… a volcano erupts near your house and the lava is flowing.  In these boots you can hike out without worry!  On a serious note… these boots came in various styles.  Some come to the knee and some to the ankle but they are hard core.  I promise you God has a plan and I believe these boots will bless someone.  Imagine Haiti and digging through rubble.  If you had these boots, you could go into any place.  The Amazon snakes could never bite through these boots.  So I figure we have been entrusted with this amazingly huge donation worth umpteen thousands of dollars, so our job is to get them delivered…all 200 pair…1000 pounds, and trust that God has a plan…with these firefighter boots.  Thank you Hagemeyer North America!

Finally, we have these boots.

These adorable red boots with flashy stars, must have a story.  These boots came in December as we were receiving several hundreds of shoes. We know that some grandparent or mom or dad could not resist buying these adorable boots for their child. They are precious. Isabel adores these boots and she has decided that it is her personal mission in life to deliver these boots to some child.  She is holding on to the boots until she can go overseas as a reminder that she needs to work hard to save money so that she can put these boots on a child.  Kind of like the glass slipper I suppose. She has already been praying for the right child for these boots.

So there you have it, fashion and flare. These are just a few pair of shoes that have come our way.  It’s been a lot of fun and we love getting those boxes so keep em coming!  Blessings to you my friends!

3 Comments on “Footwear and Fashion Trends

  1. I am a sock person.
    Do you know your sister has been gifted several pairs of socks from me; she of course is very careful about not overdoing.
    But it’s been a while since I’ve seen her and my socks are accumulating; not all new, not all used and any with holes….will not be sent.

  2. Hi Rachael,
    While we don’t advertise the need for socks, it is much appreciated when we get them and deliver them. Definitely a luxury item overseas!

  3. I love her heart-I am moved to tears. I told my family about Isabel & the shoes…they were inspired. Do u need socks for these shoes?

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