Unfortunate News

Uggg! In the middle of a wonderful weekend, I get a phone call with unfortunate news.  It wasn’t bad news like…there has been an accident…or your child is sick; nothing like that.  It was more like the type of news that brings a moment of stress to life because it is going to make you have to work.  Sort of like your child making a school play and finding out you have to sew the costume…and you only have two days to do it in.

Friday of last week, in addition to transporting 450 pairs of shoes to a Portland church going to Haiti, we moved 1600 pounds of shoes from our garage into our new storage pod for shoesforkids.  This entire process took Stephen, Isabel and I most of the day.  Isabel didn’t have school on Friday so she was a big help.

I got a phone call last night that the storage pod might be needed by next week to go overseas for some missionaries.  All the shoes must be moved. Can you say uggg?  There are other words I am tempted to say, but uggg will do.

So we are back to where we started.  We need storage for shoes, boots, and flip-flops.

This is not a true problem like some people have.  It’s really a small set back, and an inconvenience.  Maybe in the long run it is for the best.

This is life.  The car breaks down, the garage door gets jammed, the dog has an accident on the carpet.  Annoying inconveniences that take our time to deal with.   Not true problems like divorce, or death, but small things that interrupt the flow of life. To get anxious robs us of joy.

So today I am believing that God will provide again.  It’s going to be ok…it will all work out.  As my daughter says, it’s only a crisis if you make it one.   Thank the Lord for his peace and that we can trust Him, even with the small stuff.

5 Comments on “Unfortunate News

  1. Grace, I get it, I had it and I understand. I loose things, it makes me crazy, and sometimes I just have to remind myself that its all ok. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I don’t know why, but I just felt the need to comment on this… I struggle with depression/anxiety so to me the inconveniences of everyday ARE my big things.

    Like just this morning, I had everything planned, it was gonna be a super productive day, and just as I was walking out the door, I realized I had misplaced a paycheck. I spent 20 or
    so min. looking for it only to find it UNDER my bed (no I don’t know how..lol) but by then, every thing is shot and I’m rushed and I’m incredibly angry.
    Things like that happen to me everyday.

    Im working on it. 🙂

  3. ugggg is right! I have no ideas for you…I’ll just say ugggg a few times. I hate “undoing” things I’ve spent my time doing.

  4. Pat- I’d like to exchange emails with you about the storage issue…my email is rhondatruitt at gmail dot com….I couldn’t find a contact button on your site, or I would have emailed my idea. Thanks!

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