It’s about NOW.

The “big blizzard” (wink wink) has left us, and the snow is mostly gone.  On this beautiful, cold winter morning, I have been thinking about what is to come.  My children, my husband, are all still in bed, but not me.  I am taking advantage of my quiet house on this Saturday morning, thinking and praying, preparing my heart.

I have a lot of travel thoughts on my mind.  In less than a week, I am heading off to Ethiopia. In 29 days our family will head to Europe.  In May I am going to the Philippines with these fabulous bloggers, and in June I am off to Bolivia, August I go to the Dominican Republic, October to India…..and these are just the trips I know about.   Two of these trips will be with my family, and that excites me!

It’s about now that I start to get serious about leaving.  I have six days until I fly out to Ethiopia.  My heart is starting to feel that tug, that emotion of leaving my girls and my husband.  10 days without them gets lonely.  It’s about now I start getting serious about packing.   What am I going to need for this trip?  Isabel and I will pack up some shoes for some precious children.  What clothes will I take?  Looks like I can expect sun and 75 degrees.  That sounds nice.

It’s about now that I trust.  Any time I travel, there is a sense of emotion that accompanies me.  From excitement, to the anticipation of what is to come, to the sadness of leaving family, there is an array of emotion that accompanies me.  I become sentimental with time, and I recognize that there are always risks involved with travel.  Of course Compassion is all about risk management, but I have to think practically through ways to reduce any risks.

It’s about now that I start to pray for the team.  Travel brings out the best and worst of people.  Usually you see the “edge” of personality come out after about five days into serious travel.  The group forms, they feel comfortable, but the travel takes it’s toll.  It’s normal to have someone get a bit edgy, need a little extra grace.  I am praying for each person as they see and deal with poverty and as they meet people and experience life in another land.

I cling to the Word and my journal tends to be filled with more words.  I write down thoughts, even words that come to my mind, to remind me of my need for God.  I need to trust Him everyday and in every circumstance.








These my words today.

So friends, it’s about now that I invite you to pray and join me in spirit!   My blog becomes my journal and I will share my thoughts out loud so that you might pray with me, for me, for the children, for the team, for safety, for health. I know that many people don’t get a chance to do what I do, so I will share with you my experiences with the hope that out of them you may be blessed with the stories and the greatness of GOD.

5 Comments on “It’s about NOW.

  1. oops…. that closing line was suppose to say
    “GO in the joy of His purpose”

    I guess that means it is time for either glasses or bed. I vote for bed !!!

  2. What a beautiful glimpse into the heart of our “trip leader” prior to our trip. I am praying for your time at home to be multiplied with your family during these last few days before your depart for Ethiopia. I am praying that God will show you new ways of leaving that “Momma guilt” at the door and getting on that plane in the freedom that comes in living a life that is fully committed to His glory. Praying for a peace that just doesn’t make sense!
    God in the Joy of his Purpose!

  3. I pray that you and your companions remain safe and healthy. Please give your girls my number in case they need something while you are gone. XO

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