About kisses, John Denver, mothers and family

About Kisses

The kisses good bye are hard.  I personally like the kisses hello better.

My first kiss good-bye came early this morning when my husband left home to fly off for meetings.  It’s weird to have him leave on the same day that I am heading overseas.

Then I drove my baby girls to school and kissed them all goodbye.  They were annoyed at all my fuss and mush because I am going to see them after school again. Still, I had to remind them of all my love and I just had to smother them with kisses because I won’t get to kiss them for 11 days.  It’s a mothers right to smother her children with kisses.

About John Denver

I woke up with John Denver songs in my head this morning, which was a little unfortunate.  Not that John Denver songs are bad, it’s just they kind of bring back memories of the late 70’s.  Not that the late 70’s were bad, but John Denver songs just don’t do it for me anymore.

All my bags are packed I’m ready to go….

I’m leavin on a jet plane….

About mothers

My mother brought up her concern that I might get a blood clot on my long flight to Ethiopia.  She told me to get up and walk around a lot.  She watched some show on PBS about leg blood clots that travel to the heart, and how long flights or sitting for long periods of time, can contribute to such problems   I promised her I would walk around on the plane. I once had someone do an entire yoga routine on a flight right in front of me flinging their rear end around toward my face.  I admit, it was bit uncomfortable and distracting.  However, I figure if they can do yoga on a plane, I can certainly walk around. Actually, I am thinking I could get up and do a little kickboxing on the flight.  That would get the old blood clots from forming.  I wonder if anyone would notice.

Jab jab cross punch sidekick.

About family

The grandma’s are going on full duty combat this weekend.  Grandma Sandra is taking four middle school girls (two of my daughters and two of their friends) to Revolve Tour, Grandma Jayne is spoiling hosting my other daughter and my dogs.  I am thankful for family!

So there you have it, my short thoughts about kisses. John Denver, mothers and family.   I hope you will check in with me next week while I am in Ethiopia.  I am praying….seriously praying I have access to internet. Blessings friends.




2 Comments on “About kisses, John Denver, mothers and family

  1. I’ve been praying for you already today – for your safe travel (now I’ll add blog clots to the request) and for your time in Ethiopia.

    I just brought home another tub full of shoes for Isabel from our homeschool co-op.

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