International Make a Happy Foot Day

Hey Friends…Isabel’s new campaign is HERE for Shoesforkids.

She is calling it…(drum roll) “International Make a Happy Foot Day…A day when everyone can take off their shoes and donate them.   Of course she planned this on her birthday…for when we are in Paris…and of course she thinks she is going to walk around barefoot in Paris for the day, which could be interesting.

So this last month, I delivered shoes to Ethiopia and Spence Smith delivered shoes to Ecuador.   We also received these photos from a team that took 500 plus shoes down to Haiti.

Isabel has a couple of speaking dates this month.  She speaks at a grade school, a middle school and at a high school youth group all this week!  We are excited about getting lots of shoes!

Finally, for those who have asked about our 501(c)3, I am trying to be patient with the IRS.  We have to submit an additional fee, which will take additional time to process.  Why must it take so long?   I am trying to love the IRS like Jesus these days, but I find them difficult to love. Actually, I am working on tolerating.

Thanks friends for all your support for shoesforkids.  Help us pass on the news of International Make a Happy Foot Day on April 2nd.



One Comment on “International Make a Happy Foot Day

  1. so cute. I read about a little boy I believe 8-10 who was allowed to put a barrell at his school for people to drop off shoes, I think he collected 6,000+ shoes! Good Luck!

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