A Moment I won’t forget -finding love in Paris

I have been overwhelmed at how incredibly special this trip has been for our family, (soon I will share some big news that has brought an entirely new reason to celebrate on this trip…and no, I am not pregnant…but you all have to wait.)

Late last night, after our long and adventurous day, we sat around and shared our best moments of the day and our hardest. Outside our window we watched the light show of the Eiffel Tour, which set the mood nicely. The city of blinding lights is magical.

The hardest moment.

Hands down, the subway brings the most stress, it’s not the easiest system to figure out, especially since none of us speak French, and rush hour is crazy as we all pack in like sardines. However, the lion personalities in the family, Stephen and Julia, have perfected the system of getting us around.

Even with the hours and miles of walking, the 600 plus stairs we climbed up the Eiffel Tower, the stairs at Sucre Coeur, the long walk through the Catacombs where 6,000,000 remains of people exist,…my girls have yet to complain of being tired or bored. Watching them soak in the scenes of Paris has been a blessing. Hearing them giggle, knowing that they are appreciating of the art, the food and music, is pure joy as a parent.

The best part of the day, is hard to identify because there were so many wonderful experiences.

The Eiffel Tower is amazing.

Notre Dame…wow!

But the best part of the day was in the moment we found ourselves, all five of us, kneeling in the cathedral of Sucre Coeur each whispering prayers to our God Almighty while we stared at the larger than life image of Jesus. We could hear the nuns singing in a distant corridor, and the sunlight danced through the stain glass windows filling the room with vivid stories of our Savior. Breathtaking.

Often, God gives us glimpses of Himself to remind us of his love. Maybe it’s a sunset, or a beautiful song, or a beautiful African child. As I knelt in that church, as I looked at my husband, my children, as I heard the music, and as my eyes were filled with grand images of God, today he gave me a glimpse of His amazing love. It was a moment I won’t forget.

Oh, one last thing.  I am suppose to remind you that today is International Make a Happy Foot day, and my little Isabel’s birthday.  If you want to donate shoes, go here.

Bless you all my friends!

4 Comments on “A Moment I won’t forget -finding love in Paris

  1. This post brought tears to my eyes. Please realize you are on a dream trip of not only your own, but of mine too. Enjoy it for me and my 3 daughters too okay!! 🙂

  2. I am reliving Paris vicariously through your blogs. It’s wonderful to hear of you, Stephen and the girls enjoying this time together. It is a gift. Levi is doing fine. I had friends over last night and he enjoyed the company. I’m trying to keep him busy so he won’t miss you. By the way, it is still raining. Yuck !!!. Continue to have a great time; all is well.

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