A slice of heaven

Two nights ago, we sat on our patio in Positano with Marco (the owner of the villa), and the family that had rented the apartment above ours.  We shared a meal, stories of life and travel, and ministry.  It was such a special night to sit with others who have such interesting lives.  Our time getting to know Marco was one of the highlights of our trip.  He is a brilliant man with his PhD in something very smart, studied and worked at the MAYO clinic, and was honored by Doctors without Borders for work he did in Romania with street children. What an amazing man and gracious host.

Yesterday, our driver Domenico, picked us up to drive us up to Rome.  Domenico does not call himself a driver (although he is very good at it), he is…”AN ARTIST” (say it with an Italian accent).

He sold us on an adventure that took us down the Amalfi Coast line, up through the mountains to an old vineyard with 300-year-old vines, then up to Rome.  Needless to say, it was not free, but our experience was worth it.

Finally, we arrived in Rome.  After Positano, I wasn’t sure anything could get any better.  However, when we checked in at the Waldorf (which was purchased with free hotel points), they upgraded us to the center suite on the top floor.  The word “lavishing” doesn’t quite do it justice.  They upgraded us because the hotel was packed and they needed our other rooms…ok then, we will take it!  I won the lottery! Pinch me please, I think I am dreaming.

The living room

The bedroom

The Dining Room

We spent the night giggling, giddy, tickled, in awe of what we were given.  We were all overwhelmed.  The girls spoke in English accents all night.  It was all a dream my friends!

Julia talking to a head.

This morning I am up early to watch the sunrise.  As I look over Rome, I can’t help but feel completely undeserving.  I don’t have the words for my emotions…

Two more days and then we come home.  This has been a trip of a lifetime with more memories to fill our heads, to fill our conversations, to change our lives, to help us appreciate gifts and beauty, to inspires us to cook and learn history, to appreciate other cultures.  To give glory and honor to God Almighty!

I hope my girls never take this for granted.

I know for Stephen and me, we feel like much has been given…and much is expected, as we serve and give and provide others in the world the opportunity for a slice of heaven on earth.

We have enjoyed our night of luxury.  Tonight we move to an apartment where we will spend our last two nights.

10 Comments on “A slice of heaven

  1. I’m imagining the smile on the Father’s face when he saw you girls squealing over that big suite. I’m sure it was His great delight to give it to you. How fun!

  2. Seriously. . .So FUN!!!
    and that family pic is the BEST!!!

    love you guys and since I am a couple days late. . .
    Welcome HOME!!

  3. Gracie’s expression in the photo tells it all. You all must be doing something right. I’m glad it all has been so wonderful for you. You are making great memories. Enjoy your last day. Love ya

  4. WOW. What a lovely gift – and clearly given to exactly the right people. Enjoy your farewell time in beautiful Italy. Isn’t God good??

  5. Very beautiful thank you for sharing your vacation.

  6. What an amazing trip! And, I’m so happy for you guys that you got the pimp-daddy suite at the Waldorf! Awesome!!

  7. Talk about abundantly beyond all we can ask or imagine! WOW!!! So glad your sacrificial saving is paying off in spades. 🙂

  8. WOW what a cool place… and what fun for you and your girls! Tell Julia her talking to the head is just getting her ready for marriage 🙂

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