How to slow down a busy week!

I must admit, my mind has been spinning all week, and I have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off.  We landed last Sunday night, and it seems as if our lives went on full speed this week.  I miss sitting on the Italian veranda looking over the sea in the warm sun.  Awww…

My girls have been so busy with homework and events this week and I have been preparing to start my new job while trying to tie up loose ends with my old job.  Meanwhile, we are rearranging all the bedrooms to make way for a new office space for me.  My upstairs looks like a tornado came through…and by the way, we are having a slumber party on Friday night.  What was I thinking?

Stephen took off for Washington DC today with a music tour that just started.  I can’t even remember what tour it is.

Needless to say, we went from bliss to high impact, high speed life and I am feeling like there aren’t enough hours in a day.

I am trying to get my ducks in row…and all I hear is quack quack quack.  I need to slow down the horse if you know what I mean.

Sometimes I resent this American lifestyle of business and rush rush rush.  Seems like other cultures stop,and take time.  Our culture is demanding.  My kids, at such a young age, have so many demands on them with homework and activities.  I don’t remember it being like this for me when I was growing up.

I realize some of this rush rush rush is me.  I like to get things done.  I like to see results.   This is not always good though.

So today I am putting on the breaks, taking a siesta and following the Italian way.  This is how you slow down.

You get some of this!

If you eat it too fast, you get a brain freeze.

Nobody wants a brain freeze.

One Comment on “How to slow down a busy week!

  1. Where do you live? I’ll be right over to make sure you don’t eat it too fast!! : )

    “I am trying to get my ducks in row…and all I hear is quack quack quack.” – love it!

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