Leaving an imprint on the heart

When we sit at our table and eat dinner at night, I love to hear my girls share their stories.  Often, they will reminisce of those things that have left an imprint on their heart.

Their stories are BIG, WILD, and full of ADVENTURE!  Sometimes it’s travel, sometimes it’s home, and sometimes it’s deeply spiritual.  Whatever it is about, I could listen all night long.

“Those monkeys freaked me out.”

“I loved the way it sparkled at night.”

“The stars were amazing. ”

“Do all musicians dress like that?”

“Remember how Dad tried to kill it with a toilet brush and it ran off to the corner?”

“I didn’t think I would make it to the top of the volcano.”

“Mom, are you always that freaked out over snakes?”

“I threw up in the ocean and  the fish ate it. Now that was gross.”

“I miss grandpa.  I remember how he use to push me on the swing.”

“I almost passed out when I saw those fried bats.”

“I love how the sand feels on my toes.”

“That little girl had the most beautiful smile.”

“You danced like a white girl.”

“I miss looking out at the sea.”

“I wish I could have given them shoes.”

“….and then the lion took the zebra leg and dragged it off.”

We remember the moments that made us laugh and feel deeply grateful.  We remember the times we felt scared, uncomfortable and sad. We remind each other of the times that we lived richly. My favorite luxury in life is living out the story that leaves an imprint on the heart and memory for my family.

And God loves our story.  He loves to hear us tell it, he loves to help us live it, for He is the author.

2 Comments on “Leaving an imprint on the heart

  1. Amen. He is the Author. And what a great story He is writing.

  2. I love this post, especially the last two lines: “And God loves our story. He loves to hear us tell it, he loves to help us live it, for He is the author.”


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