A letter at 9 pm

Dear Isabel,

The moon was amazing tonight.  It was as bright as could be in the Colorado sky. At 9 pm it sat low in the southeastern sky and lit up the field behind my hotel. It caught my eye right away. It was a full moon; at least this is what it looked like to my 45-year-old eyes.

How was your day sweet thing?

I had a really good day at the office in Colorado Springs.  I was inspired as I spent time with my team.  I feel so lucky to work with such wonderful people and to work for an amazing organization.  But I miss you all. I can’t help but think about you and talk about you when I am around others.  You and your sisters amaze me.

Dad called me from the airport in Sao Paulo, he is on his way home.  He has a great story for you from when he went to the Compassion project yesterday.  He found out that several of the children have been praying for athletic shoes.  At the end of his visit, Spence and Dad were able to drop 145 pairs of shoes off.   I am glad we packed a bunch of athletic shoes.  Those shoes answered some prayers.

I heard that Grandma cooked up some yummy chicken and chocolate chip cookies for you girls.  Grandma Jayne knows how to cook.  She goes out of her way to make you feel special. I love my mom!

I had a yummy dinner tonight too.  I ate French Onion Soup and spent the evening with Joey.  She always fills up my heart and I love to spend time with her.  She inspires me and we always talk about you girls.  Good friends are like gold.

At the end of the night, I looked up and there it was in sky and I thought of you.  I thought of Julia and Grace and Grandma Jayne.  Daddy is on an airplane somewhere over South America, Grandma Sandra is in Arizona, and I am in a hotel room.   But guess who is with us all?

God.  He is with us all.  Isn’t that amazing?

I promise I will pray for you, your sisters, Grandma, Daddy and Grandma Sandra tonight.

I love you so much,



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