Philippines Bound

I am wrapping it up on the home front and heading out to the Philippines tomorrow with Compassion and these bloggers.  My bags are ready, 70 pairs of shoes are packed for shoesforkids, and my husband is prepared for girl duty.  GO…. STEVE….! (with a cool cheerleader move).

This week flew by, and in the midst, my teenage daughter Julia, got her drivers license, Isabel received two awards, one from Clark County Youth Commission and the other from Kohl’s (for shoesforkids), we did a Compassion presentation at our church where the cutest 83 year old widower sponsored a child, Grace’s 8th grade band played at two different grade schools while 5th grade boys blew kisses at her, and I sold my U2 tickets to raise money for our mission trip.  Whatsup???

Steve has now settled into home after traveling this week.  I am relieved that he will be home for the next five weeks and ready to take on girl duty.  Of course he is planning his man movie nights with them, I believe they are watching something where things blow up.  I try not to interfere being that they seem to really enjoy their man movie education nights.  My girls do other activities while I am gone that we don’t usually do when I am home, and I often see pictures posted on facebook.  I have been reassured that the forest animals are safe and the only harm done is to pieces of paper.

Tonight is our farewell family dinner.  My kids are home, my husband is home and there are some nice ahi steaks ready to be seared.  Julia is making bruschetta for an appetizer and Stephen is the master chef.  Lord, thank you for a family that likes to cook…. It’s always nice to have this time, but it’s always a little sad too.  I love my home; I love my family.

I am excited about this trip and I invite you to follow along from May 29th to June 4th, as we blog about Compassion.  There are 11 of us traveling (including a couple of spouses), but there are about 100,000 people who will be following along.  All for the purpose of helping kids.  All for His glory.

3 Comments on “Philippines Bound

  1. My dgehatur pre-ordered this book for me for my birthday, way back in September – I can’t wait till it arrives!!

  2. Praying, Patricia… oh, my heart is with you… ((you))

    Shine on, sister!

    God made you for this…

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