Why I can’t sleep anymore

I can’t sleep anymore.

Actually, I fell asleep just fine last night, but at 4am this morning, and owl in a tree outside our window, woke me up.  Then I couldn’t go back to sleep because I was so excited about our upcoming trip to the Dominican Republic.

My girls are keyed up, wound up and hyped up too. My husband is all bubbly as well. (I know it’s hard for all of you who know Steve to imagine him bubbly, but he is).  I haven’t seen him this excited over a trip for a long time.  This is all we talk about.


This trip is so special for us.  It’s our life, our work and our passion. It’s my children’s passion.  We will meet one of our sponsored children, Isabel is dropping shoes for the first time, and we are taking home with us.  Our church home is coming with us!   I am going as a participant, as a mother, as a friend and as the Compassion person.  I am freakin overwhelmed with excitement for my people, my tribe, my church!!!

God is teaching me about my children too.  I am seeing them grow and seek God and I am watching their hearts become engaged in this trip.  We shopped today for Gracie’s sponsored child and my non-detailed child thought of everything.  “What about the mother?”  “What about her siblings?”  “What do you think she needs?”

She wasn’t extravagant with her gifts, just practical.  8 tooth brushes, toothpaste, school supplies, etc.  With so much love and care, she picked out gifts for the 14 year old girl she has corresponded with since they were both 4 years old.

My girls are consumed, obsessed, excited, rocked and overwhelmed with expectations.   Two years ago they went to Kenya with Compassion and had life changing experience.  They have high expectations for this trip.  But there is a big difference between this trip and the Kenya trip.  That trip was exposure, educational and vision.  This trip to the Dominican Republic is about mission and getting their hands dirty, and deepening relationships with the people they are serving.  No fancy Safari on this trip, no resorts for us, only a bunkroom and three bathrooms to share amongst 14 girls in the middle of a country scattered with poverty.  (11 guys will share some bathrooms too)

I am out right emotional over this one.  Taking my family, taking our friends, makes me see what I do for a living in an entirely new way.  And knowing that others gave their resources to help us pay for this trip is purely humbling.

Anyway, I don’t write today because I have anything brilliant to say.  I am writing simply because I don’t know what else to do.  I would pack my bags today however,  I know if I do, my husband will mock me completely.  I am just that excited.

I think the best thing about this trip is the insight it has given me to all the different people I take on my other trips with Compassion.  I appreciate the emails of those that need to know what to wear.  I love that people care deeply if they should bring this and that, leave or take their flat iron, bring a long dress, buy bug spray, get immunized.  I love the excitement.  I understand.  I understand all the more now, and I am just blessed.  Blessed that God has given me the chance to take home with me.  My friends will understand why I cry for the children, why I cry up front at church.  They will get it.  My family will get to experience the kind of trips I go on with my job.  They will know what it’s like to spend several days at one project.  Oh and my Gracie.  She gets to meet Marielba.  It’s just too much good.  Too much good.

Ok… 7 days and counting.    Just a little excited I might say!

3 Comments on “Why I can’t sleep anymore

  1. Awesome! So excited for you Patricia =D

  2. I saw Steve “bubbly” once…wait, no I saw Steve DRINK bubbly once, my mistake!

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