That’s What Steve Said….

So it’s Friday.  By Friday I have gotten pretty punchy, a little silly, a little edgy, so I thought it’s about time to blow off some of my stress and steam and focus on Steve, which indeed makes Steve nervous, but indeed makes me happy…because let’s face it, Steve is my favorite subject, thus I have titled this Friday’s blog as…That’s what Steve said.

So… Steve said that you can’t get in trouble by saying too little.  Ok then.  Possibly this is good wisdom to listen to, but before we look at this wisdom, let’s look at the past few days with Steve.

So…last week, Steve was the best man in Spence’s wedding.  I gotta admit, Steve is my best man too, so it was pretty cool.  Spence’s wedding was fun for us as we got to see some of our favorite people.  My favorite part of the wedding though was watching my man bawl like a baby as Krissy came down the aisle with her children on each of her arms. 

Here is Spence.  He looks pretty happy.We know her story, we know Spence’s story, and we loved to see this wedding.     

Steve knows a lot of interesting people.  We sat next to Rebecca St. James at the reception; she is simply lovely.  15 years ago, Steve took Rebecca and her mom to India on her first Compassion trip.  I love seeing how people honor my husband, and Rebecca honors him…she honors me too, and that is really cool.  She always asks about the girls, because even though we are not with Steve when he travels, he always talks about us, so people know me and the girls through him.

After we came home from the wedding, Steve and I started our hectic week. On Monday, my day was crazy…so Steve shopped at the grocery store so we would have food to feed our children.

On Tuesday, my day was crazy again as I have been preparing for this city event I am involved with this weekend, so Steve made dinner; pork loin, potatoes and vegies.

On Wednesday, Steve played bass at youth group because the worship leader didn’t have anyone.  My middle child was the drummer and so it was fun for me to watch them play music together.  After he played bass, he took me on a date and he let me blab on and on.

After dinner, Steve and I were discussing the day (really I was discussing the day)…and Steve said these words of wisdom.  “You will never get in trouble for saying too little.”

“Ah Ha!”  I said.

On Thursday, Steve took me to lunch to the Asian restaurant down the street where the waitperson wanted to know if Steve wanted wedgetables with his meal.  No wedgetables this time for Steve, just sweet and sour powrk.

This weekend, Steve is helping me with this event in town that I have taken a major leadership role in…and I am way over my head, but he is all in.  He is at my beckon call and has offered himself up as my servant…because he is a good good guy.

So…I don’t say all this to tell you how cool Steve is…even though I think he is really cool.  No, I say all this to say that my husband loves me, and oh my goodness, I love him so much.  He makes me complete!! (Yes, I stole that line).  He makes me feel loved, everyday!  And even though we can throw down some major fights because we both have strong strong personalities…my Steve, he always reminds me I am loved…And his love reminds me that Jesus loves me.  He reminds me that God loves me. I am his bride.

And you know what Steve says that gets my heart the most?

Often nothing…It’s how he looks at me… with love.  More than words.

Steve is right.  You will never get in trouble for saying too little…if you live well and your actions speak louder than words.

6 Comments on “That’s What Steve Said….

  1. I have to agree with you Patricia when you say, “It’s how he looks at me… with love. More than words.” I think anybody who knows you two knows how true that is.
    What an awesome example you guys are to those of us who need strong Godly examples in marriage.
    Steve was an awesome best man and I know that Spence was so honored to have him stand beside him. I have to say it was one of the happiest days of my life and I’m so thankful that you both were there to share the day with us.
    Thank you also for posting such lovely thoughts about our wedding day.
    Hugs and love to your entire family!

  2. OH MY GOSH ! ! ! This made me cry! To know that, indeed, there are men out there who love and serve their wives, as Christ loves the church. You are so fortunate to have a man like Steve. This gives me hope for my children. I pray for many, many, many more years for the two of you together!

  3. You can never get in trouble for saying too little?
    Okay……………I’m sure I could improve; but I want to say used a lot of words…didn’t say too little…………….and what a blessing and point to SAY IT!!
    nice job

  4. What a great post! The way you both witness through your relationship is something I admire and pray I can emulate.

  5. I found your blog through another blog by way of another blog, and I’m so glad I did. What a blessing for me this morning! I have heard of you through following the Compassion bloggers and my husband and I sponsor two children and totally love and support what Compassion does. Just stopping in to say hi and tell you my sweet husband says the same thing as Steve. Gary loves the Proverbs, reads one every day of the month – has for years – changes up the Bible translations to “keep it fresh” as he says. Anyway, he reminds me often that he has yet to read a Proverb that says “talk, talk, open up, talk some more”…but there are scads that say “shutteth thy mouth.” I love my sweet husband too and am going to remember what YOU said…He looks at me with love, more than words!” Thank you sweet lady! Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

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