The Compassion Ham Child (CHC)

The Ham. I am not talking about the cooked pig type so lets get that straight.  No, I am talking about the official Compassion Ham Child, acronym CHC, not to be confused with CSP or CDSP or C2C or CIV (all acronyms we use at Compassion International).

Definition of Compassion Ham Child (CHC) The little person that brings joy…even in the worst poverty, because of their enormous smile, big personality and multiple facial expressions.

Every Compassion project has one. I am sure it’s a requirement.

This particular “Ham” was pretty easy to spot.

Meet the Compassion Ham Child of India this week…

You can sponsor a Ham right here!

Disclaimer – Ok…I made the CHC up, it’s not really official, but I promise you every project seems to have a little ham!!

4 Comments on “The Compassion Ham Child (CHC)

  1. Dear Bardia and HamletPlease don’t be offended that nobdoy pay attention to your comments and answer you.I always read them carefully and try to make sure the mistake that I made last time, never repeat . The problem with me , at least, is time. Managing a full time job and a household and kids and school .I am sure you all know about it. My best shut is to make sure my program is ready on time (research, photo, music, writing and recording, ). Please be sure that I always read all the comments and value them very much and really looking forward to more . Your comments are big encouragement for us all. It will be fantastic if you mention the area that you are intersted in like books, movies, social themes , sience, and it is will be wonderful if any of our listener decided to make a program for us. We desperatley need good programs and good comments .Regards and best wishes ,

  2. Oh my goodness…what a ham!! This makes me wonder about the personalities of my sponsored children.

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