The wreck – an early female Friday post

I decided to start with a cute picture of our puppy, possibly so that Steve may think this post is about the dog.

But the true story is I backed my car out of the garage  into our other car today.  Not a good start to the day.

(Now we are going to find out how often Steve reads the blog).

Here is what happened with bold  lettering when necessary.

Steve left for Australia yesterday, and he usually is the one that sets the alarm.  This morning, I woke up late because I forgot to set my alarm. My daughter came rushing in to my room telling me it was time for her to go to school for jazz band.  At 6:25 am, I rolled out of bed, and at 6:30 am I backed the car out of the garage into our other car.  Apparently my eyes hadn’t opened yet.

Luckily I didn’t cause damage.  Let me repeat this for Steve.  NO damage. Nothing.  Zippo. None. Zero.

Please see Exhibit A.

I was going nice and slow.  In addition, I managed to get Grace to school without incident.  I didn’t hit any small children or animals.  This is good.

Speaking of hitting animals…I once hit a squirrel and it flew 30 feet to its death.  I felt horrible.

Speaking of small children, I don’t have any of those.  My smallest is 5’6” with a size 9 shoe.

Speaking of Steve, I miss him already.

Well, this is the big news of my day.  You can tell life is pretty exciting.  Stay tuned tomorrow as we attempt to shave our dog.


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