Was it worth it?

Early on this Saturday morning I sat at my computer looking at my daughter on skype with her puffy red eyes as she sat next to my husband in a hotel in India.

“Mom, I just can’t blog about my day yet.  It’s too much.”

She would try to tell me stories of her day with her Compassion child, Remya, but I could recognize that her  11 year relationship with Remya, living oceans apart, sharing faith and friendship through many letters,  being teenagers together, being of the same faith, brought a deep sense of God’s grace and mercy into the lives of these girls.

God orchestrated this day in His perfect timing; Remya’s birthday on Friday, Stephen needing to build this trip during this time of the year, and both girls getting close to finishing high school.  Julia needs to take a moment to process what God brought today.  Why this bond? Why this love?  A holy day.  God was in this day, and no doubt the day was pure joy, but parting was bitter sweet.

As I lay awake all night, waiting to hear how the day was going…like a good movie or a book, when the skype call came in, I dove for the computer, but my girl had no words, she just shook her head and wiped the tears.

Last night I had the joy of skyping with Julia and Remya before they set out on the day.

I have met her and her mother, and I love them like family.  I don’t understand this love being that they aren’t family and we have never spent much time together.  So all I can attribute it to is something deeply spiritual that God has done to give us a glimpse of His love for us.  His sacrifice.  And when I think of the two of them being together, sharing letters, time and tears, I have to ask myself, was it worth the money we gave all these years?  11 years, and over $5000.  I remember this little girl of mine at age 5 coming to me with Remya’s picture begging to sponsor her.  Was it worth it?

Did God ask that question when he sacrificed for us?

Money is nothing when you have these moments.  It is more than worth it. And somehow I don’t feel like we sacrificed.  It was in our giving we received the blessing, and today Julia encountered the blessing of the gift.

Yesterday was crazy.  One minute I am skyping with Julia and Remya with tears in my eyes, the next moment I am taking Grace to Urgent Care for an infection.

In the rush of life, I pause this morning to recognize the beauty of the holy moments, grateful that my baby girl at age 16, shared it with her Kingdom friend.  Possibly they will meet again, possibly not.  But something beautiful happened and I look forward to hearing her story…and I’m praising God for blessing that came to my baby girl today.  It was worth every cent.

Julia will post soon so stay tuned.

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