Not an ordinary Monday

Today, I am on my way for another adventure.  4 hours down, 22 hours to go until I land in Ethiopia.  This is my 3rd time to Ethiopia; a place of ancient culture, and beautiful and intelligent people.   I look forward to learning and seeing what God has for me on this trip and  being surrounded by vibrant Believers of our faith. I look forward to the music and the children and dancing!

I was so crazy busy last week preparing to leave while still managing all the details of my job with Compassion, and managing the life of being a mother and wife. It seems like since the new year, life has been whizzing by and the details of the day to day activities have consumed my time and all my thoughts.  My three teen children have schedules to keep and places to go, and of course Stephen has his travel too and I am in the midst of planning 40 plus Short Term Mission’s Trips for churches who partner with Compassion.  And in all the details, I often get lost in the list of things to do, I scratch off my accomplishments, only to find a brand new list waiting.   It never seems to slow down, so it’s up to me to slow it down.

But now it’s time to let go and trust God in the timing of it all.   I will be in a time zone 13 hours ahead of home, which sort of makes me shift gears.

I get so busy sometimes, I forget to see God in it all.

It’s time to see God.  It’s time to listen, and I look forward to being with HIM in this foreign land.


I had a hard time letting go…maybe still having a hard time.

I have a hard time saying goodbye…it feels lonely sometimes.

I know that God has a plan for me and for this group and in this trip, I get to see Christ in the eyes of the little ones who have nothing but their faith to count on day by day.  I get to touch Christ through holding their little hands.

So I will blog if I can, and if I can’t, well…you all know that I am safe in His presence and will look forward to sharing the stories later. I do pray I have internet, as this is the way I keep connected to my family too.  It’s hard to be disconnected from the ones I love the most.

This is my Monday.





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