Waking up in Africa

Outside my room I hear the  birds and it sounds like they are coordinating their calls to each other.  There is one very loud bird that has a distinct rhythm to it’s sound, and it’s quite a catchy tune. Another bird is squawking while the little birds are tweeting.  They make their home in the trees that surround this beautiful place.  Then, in the distance, I hear the sound of voices singing the songs of Africa. It’s a beautiful morning.

I woke up early and open the sliding door so that I could get some fresh air.   There are no windows in my room to open, so at night I have to leave everything shut because of the large amount of bugs wanting to come visit. Last night I had a big bug crawl across my floor, and as I went to kill it, it scurried away and I couldn’t catch it.  It’s always hard to turn off the light after such an event knowing their are other living creatures sharing the room, but I just had to let it all go.  I am happy to say I don’t have any bug bites this morning.

It’s nice and quiet this morning and we are going to go to church soon.  There is nothing like a good church service in Ethiopia to encourage your faith.  I love the music, and the dancing the joy of the Believers as they sing their songs.  I can’t wait.

Yesterday, we had a fun day with 120 sponsored children from Tri Lakes Chapel.  We spent the day by the lake at a camp and we played games, taught crafts, told stories, sang songs and just had a lot of fun.  Kids who live in poverty don’t always have the opportunity to get away from their daily lives and just play.

My husband often makes fun of me for using the word “cute“.  He tells me I use this word all the time to describe everything from babies, to puppies to haircuts etc.   I think the root of his sarcasm goes back to the time I told him his outfit was cute, and he quickly corrected me by saying that men don’t wear cute outfits.  But I feel it’s safe to say that this little girl is cute.  In fact she defines and encompasses the entire meaning of the word. She is quite the diva!  She showed up yesterday with this outfit and this smile and I loved it.  I know her sponsor and she is one lucky woman to have this precious girl!

This morning is a new day.  I am thankful for all of this.  I am thankful for the grace of God who forgives me for not doing more.  I am grateful for His presence when I miss my family and when I get sick.  I am awestruck at His creation and His glory.  And I am hopeful.  I see the difference our God makes in the lives of these little ones  who trust Him… and it is good.


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