Shalom Hotel and Butchery – Deep thoughts

I’m home!

However, I am preparing to leave on Thursday night for the Dominican Republic. My family and church group will be with me on the next Compassion trip, so I am happy we will be together.  I am trying to wrap my head around what needs to be done in the few days I am home.  My girls are already packing, and I just got unpacked, so it’s a bit crazy.  My body is doing pretty well with the jetlag from Africa, however, it’s often on the third or forth day I crash, so we will see what happens. I am hopeful that the excitement for the next trip will keep me moving.

As of today, I am gearing up for a busy week trying to rest in the fact that God has everything in control, even when I don’t feel like things are in control.  There is much to do after being gone, and much to do to prepare to leave again.

Did I tell you that our cat died while I was in Africa?  That was a bummer.  We buried her on Friday… and Steve waited for me to get home to bury her so we could have a memorial together (and yes it smelled bad).  Unfortunately, the cat had a tragic encounter with a coyote that had no mercy on her. This will be my last cat.  My cats have had tragic deaths. On another note, my little dog is doing well.

Steve and I also celebrated our anniversary on Friday (after we buried the cat).  Isn’t life funny like that?  21 years of marriage! Then we celebrated Father’s day on Sunday.  I love my man! He is a great husband and dad.

I don’t have deep thoughts to share today nor do I have my parenting thoughts for you this week, but I do have a couple of things regarding travel that I would like to share.

Last week in Africa I saw a motel that was named Shalom Hotel and Butchery.  I had not considered putting these two businesses together.  Across the street from this Hotel and Butchery was the Ready Made Casket Shop. Interesting isn’t it?  Location Location Location.

Second, in Africa, I ate the part of an Ox that had to do with the male anatomy.  In America we call these Rocky Mountain Oysters. I was supposed to put a plum sauce on the Ox.  It did not taste like chicken my friends, but it tasted like a mushy version of a weird tasting meat mixed with dog food.  After the Ox meat, they served us meatballs, like the kind in spaghetti. No joke!

Well, those are my deep thoughts today on travel and life, food, cats and other stuff.

That is about all my mind will let me produce today. I hope you still read my blog after this!

Love you all!


2 Comments on “Shalom Hotel and Butchery – Deep thoughts

  1. Here in the States I know of a tax and tattoo place. You know, just in case you want to tattoo Uncle Sam on your face while you’re getting your taxes done.

    Welcome back and have a safe trip!


  2. That is one crazy trip! Haha. Life sure is interesting.

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